Coffee & Loose Tea

All of our coffee is organic.  All of our tea is delicious.  And the coffee is too ;-)

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Our coffees are whole bean, fresh roasted and can be ground right in the store. 

Of course, the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas are home to some of our best coffee roasters - which is another great reason to shop the Co-op.

Honest Weight's coffee selections include:

For those looking for a hot and tasty coffee alternative, we also carry a full line of herbal and roasted root beverages.

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Our teas range from Persian Plum Rose to Organic Jasmine to the best black tea you’ve ever had. Our teas are sold both in bulk or prepared tea bags. We also carry tea infusers, re-usable tea balls and infusion pots.

Our Coffee & Loose Tea Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department.  (Where you buy the exact amount you want.)