We know all our local egg farmers.  And they know their eggs.

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Honest Weight doesn't just carry chicken eggs - we also carry duck and quail eggs.  Of course, many of our egg choices are organic and all of them come from local, humane, and responsible farms.  Right now we carry eggs from about fifteen different farms, but this changes regularly according to availability.

And because we believe that you should know where your eggs come from, most packages have detailed notes about location, feed, farmer's philosophy, and more. 

For example, this label is from just one of our eggs:

8 Mile Creek Eggs
Free to roam in the mountain air, the chickens of 8 Mile Creek are fed organic veggies from the farm supplemented by organic feed and flax meal. Enjoy knowing you’re eating the highest quality local, organic eggs.

Come on in to the Co-op and learn where your eggs come from.