Grains & Rice

Looking for those special lentils or beans to put in your organic brown rice chili? You'll find them at the Co-op.

We have over 100 different kinds of organic beans, rice, lentils, oats and other grains to choose from.  

And a full selection of organic hot and cold cereals, like granola and muesli. 

Of course, many of the grain and rice selections are gluten free, making it a great place to select healthy foods for concerned shoppers.

If you think you can't find it, you haven't checked out the selection at Honest Weight.

Here's a few ideas for your next meal:

  • Organic tri-color quinoa
  • Almond granola
  • Volcano rice
  • Our wide variety of rolled oats

Our Grains & Rice Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department.  (Where you buy the exact amount you want.)