Member-Owner Benefits

Becoming a Member-Owner of Honest Weight has many benefits: for you, for your store, and for your community.

Member discount levels vary depending upon how much you give back to Honest Weight.

Member-Owners participate in the discount privilege according to the following scale:

  • 2% - Non-working: Member-Owners who are up to date with their share payments.
  • 8% - Monthly Worker: Member-Owners who work 3 hours per month, plus 1 extra hour per month for each additional adult in a household.
  • 24% - Weekly Worker: Member-Owners who work 3 hours per week, plus 1 extra hour per week for each additional adult in a household.
  • 5% - Non-working Member-Owners who are senior citizens (65 years old and over).
  • All Member-Owners receive an additional 5% discount on select local items found throughout the store (marked with a “LOCAL: Owners save an extra 5%” sign).
  • All Member-Owners can also take advantage of additional discounts at other businesses through our Co-op Community Discount Program.

The 2% discount takes effect immediately after you purchase your share; just show the cashier the receipt for your first share payment until your membership card arrives in the mail (usually within a week of the date you purchase your share). Member worker discounts take effect on the first day of the month after you begin working in the store, as long as you have worked the required number of hours for your desired discount level.

The support and involvement of our Member-Owners make the Co-op a strong, participatory, and responsive community. As Member-Owners of a cooperative, we collectively make a remarkable and demonstrable impact on our local community and the sustainability of our local economy.