Member-Owner Labor Guidelines

Member-owners are invited to attend monthly Board meetings, the dates and times of which are announced by the Board via its Inside Scoop email newsletter, and posted in the store on the Board’s Bulletin Board. The “Board’s Board,” where you’ll also find meeting minutes and other Board- and member-related information, is located on the wall near the registers by the main exit of the store.

New member orientations are held several times each month. Members are required to attend an orientation before they may be able to begin working in the store. For times and dates of upcoming orientations, ask at the Service Desk, or call 518-482-2667 x 210 to sign up by phone.

In order to serve our members and patrons, Member-Owner labor must be competent and reliable, as well as tailored to the needs of the business. Fairness dictates that policies are written to ensure that the store can be properly staffed every day, and that value is received in exchange for the discount privilege. Remember that your work time is not only valuable in exchange for your discount, but is also important to the sense of a cooperative community.

Monthly workers in a single Member-Owner household are required to work 3 hours a month to receive an 8% discount. Households work three hours plus one additional hour for each additional adult. Therefore, a two-adult household needs to work four hours per month, a three-adult household needs to work five hours per month, etc. Monthly Member-Owner workers are encouraged to establish a regular monthly shift in the same department; Members generally find their work time more enjoyable when they work a regular shift, as they form a team with others working the same time.