Producer Profiles

What really makes Honest Weight so special?  The amazing people and places that grow and make our local food!

Argyle Cheese Farmer

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The Argyle Cheese Factory, located near Saratoga Springs in Argyle, NY, built its processing plant, lovingly known as “The Cheese House,” on the family farmstead in 2007. The value added business was a leap of faith for Dave and Marge Randles, in hopes that the high quality milk produced on the farm and the growing consumers’ desire to purchase local products would be a winning combination.

The resulting products - Greek yogurt, artisan cheeses, cheese spreads, cheesecakes, gelato and cultured buttermilk - have been received well by consumers in the Capital District and New York City. Notably, Argyle Cheese Farmer is the first business in the area to offer its yogurt in returnable, recyclable glass containers.

In addition to being available at their on-site store, one can purchase Argyle Cheese Farmer products at other area retailers and farmers’ markets. Honest Weight Co-op shoppers will find Greek yogurt and buttermilk in our dairy department.