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What really makes Honest Weight so special?  The amazing people and places that grow and make our local food!

Nine Pin Cider Works

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Nine Pin Cider Works is a new business, located on Broadway in downtown Albany.  It is the brainchild of Alejandro del Peral, who crafts award-winning hard cider "from farm to glass."
The secret of his success has everything to do with process: It begins with acquiring the best local apples to create just the right blend of flavors, including unique apples grown from seed on his family farm.  This combination provides the building block for Nine Pin's crisp and refreshing taste.
The apples are pressed at local orchards, then the juice is transported to the cidery in Albany.  There it undergoes the trademark fermenting and aging process.  Once it has been aged to Alejandro's exacting standards, the cider is packaged into kegs and bottles and sent out to the world.  It can be found at Honest Weight in our beer section.