Producer Profiles

What really makes Honest Weight so special?  The amazing people and places that grow and make our local food!

Asgaard Farm and Dairy

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Formerly the home of renowned artist Rockwell Kent, Asgaard Farm and Dairy is now family owned and operated by David Brunner and Rhonda Butler. Located just outside of the Adirondack village of Ausable Forks, the farm produces meat, poultry, farmstead cheeses and other dairy products, and vegetables. The pigs and poultry are pastured, and the cattle are grass fed. Organic grains are grown as supplemental feed for the animals.

Animal husbandry also includes a herd of 44 milking goats, mostly Alpines with the addition of a few Nubians and Saanens. The herd is rotationally grazed and regularly browses in the woods surrounding the farm. The milk from these goats goes into the making of Farmstead Goat Cheeses: chevre, feta, buche, a soft-ripened cheese named Whiteface Mountain, and Ausable Valley Tomme, a natural rind hard cheese. It also is the key ingredient in the farm's award-winning goat milk caramels and goat milk soap.

Recently a quarter-acre mixed-vegetable garden has been put into cultivation at Asgaard. It  produces over 40 different vegetables and herbs as well as 8 different kinds of tomatoes.  Although the farm is not certified organic, David and Rhonda grow according to the National Organic Standards.

The products of Asgaard Farm and Dairy can be found seasonally at farmers markets in Keene, Lake Placid and Saranac Lake and can be acquired through the farm's CSA. Honest Weight Food Co-op is an area retail store that supports Asgaard Farm and Dairy. Look for look for their label among the specialty cheeses.