Producer Profiles

What really makes Honest Weight so special?  The amazing people and places that grow and make our local food!

Saratoga Gluten Free Goods

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Saratoga Gluten Free Goods is a specialty wholesale business, owned and operated by MaryAnna O’Donnell, Jeanne Daley and Robert Averill. Its fresh gluten free breads, rolls and desserts are delivered weekly to Honest Weight and many restaurants and retail establishments throughout the region. These products are not only free of gluten and preservatives, but are also made from ingredients that are organic, GMO-free and locally grown.

The business had its start in 2008 at the Gansevoort Farmers’ Market. MaryAnna and Jeanne, whose families deal with gluten intolerance, had created products that were far tastier than the gluten free brands they found in stores. As their business grew, they were joined in 2010 by Robert Averill.If you are gluten sensitive, suffer from celiac disease, or simply want a tasty alternative to wheat products, look for Saratoga Gluten Free Bakery Goods in the bread aisle at Honest Weight