Producer Profiles

What really makes Honest Weight so special?  The amazing people and places that grow and make our local food!

Barkeater Chocolates

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Deb and Jim Morris founded Barkeater Chocolates in 2008 in North Creek, New York.

They use the highest quality chocolate with ingredients that are natural, often organic, without any fillers. They began with handmade
truffles, and quickly expanded the lineup to include Grown-Up Peanut Butter Cups and hot cocoa mixes,followed by Barkeater Bars in five
different flavors and a selection of chocolate barks. Whenever possible, Deb and Jim source locally-produced ingredients for their chocolates and have formed a small network of local food producers.

The business has grown steadily over the past 6 years, from offering just a few truffle choices to now producing tens of thousands of
pounds of confections annually. You will find a selection of Barkeater chocolates at the Co-op, and can
also check out