Fake Rolex-Replica Watches diamond inlay

It is mainly used for diamond inlays such as watches and clocks.

Features: Diamond inlay type, typical diamond inlay method. The nails are delicate but very delicate. A small metal hole retains every jewel and becomes a beautiful foundation.

This is the most common form of diamond on the surface of a diamond, or a diamond on the surface rather than a diamond. We can easily buy diamond watches of this style, which are usually set with nail inserts. The online installation of the diamond studs is located in a circle, which makes the dial more visible and exposes the spirit of the nobility. This type of craft inlaid diamonds tends to be small and replica omega watches the view is not too luxurious, and men's wear and women do not appear.

The nail insert is mainly used to test small stones or secondary stones with a diameter of less than 3 mm. It is used to attach a gemstone to a drill bit and a small nail at the edge of the gemstone. There are many types of locations and distributions, typically linear locations, planar locations, regular locations, and incorrect locations. According to the number of nails, it is fake Rolex divided into two nails, three nails, four nails and nails.

It is mainly used for: a set and a large diamond mosaic pattern.

Features: The size of the diamond is the same, the set diamonds are on the same plane, and the mosaic face is very intuitive.

Diamonds are not enough to satisfy women's enthusiasm for jewelry, but this breakthrough has changed. Diamond bricks are very similar to a group, but it is used more for large areas. This is a very tricky moment when you replica rolex watches need to display an image on the dial, such as a cheetah or a flower. This is an insertion process in which a diameter diamond is mounted on a flat surface. Suitable for applying a variety of beautiful patterns on the dial.