Diamond replica watches various visual effects

Mainly used for: square diamonds, trapezoidal diamonds, stripes, large diamond inlays.

Features: The appearance of the diamond is maximized, and the wonderful novel with visual effects is embedded.

Square and trapezoidal diamonds are also used for scissors with diamond bracelets for a variety of visual effects. Compared to traditional round diamonds, square diamonds are not only visually appealing, but also very different in terms of crusts. To maximize the aesthetics of diamond and diamond trapezoidal shapes, insert grooves are often used to secure these stunning diamonds with replica rolex handcuffs and bezels. The unique and new diamond position is highly visual and the mosaic effect is excellent.

The slot, also known as a set of tracks, is inserted or pressed for a smaller number of gems or relatively new luxury style curves. The size, shape and color of the stones should be the same. It is a method of inserting a gemstone into the groove on the jewel surface of the car. Monorail mosaic and one side of the double track. This method is commonly used for auxiliary gems of mature jewellery. Another square, trapezoidal diamond method of applying force increases the effect of the mosaic is excellent. A base with a pressure of 65 to 95 pounds is attached to the fake watches gemstone, making it appear as if the stone is sliding in the air.