Polishing replica watches - removes the oxidized metal layer on the surface

Polishing replica watches - Removes the oxidized metal layer on the surface. From polishing to indifferent, the question is how good the equipment and operators are. If you don't understand it, it will damage your replica watches. Due to the very high technical parameters of the polished watch, the polishing hours - the workmanship is very delicate, and the professional cleaning (grinding) usually takes 5 days. After such a complicated professional replica watches cleaning, old watches can usually be converted into new watches.

Observation polishing method

Locally deep scratches on the surface of the body or hand strap should first focus on replica rolex local oil polishing. Stone. This should be done under the magnifying glass, the target is cut - evenly, the core has a smooth selection of the best sand pylovidshtovhuyuchoyu after the scratches, the original grain is crushed, usually in a set of radial centering lines, so it will be fine to grind slightly In realism.

How many replica watches are polished?

The polishing table should cost a certain amount, but it depends on the table level. So the price can't be given! For example, tens of thousands of hours, maintenance costs are relatively high. According to the time of the watch industry association, the cost of cleaning up, as well as the price of the fake watches tens of thousands of plus one thousandth of the control committee. Therefore, the price of the watch is related to the price of the fake watch.