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Bulk Cooking & Baking

We've got it all - from organic whole wheat flour to Nature’s Burger mix.


Whether you're baking bread, cake, pastries, or buckwheat cakes - Honest Weight has a full selection of products. We have all your baking basics plus a full selection of specialty flours like organic kamut flour, spelt flour and psyllium husk powder.

In addition, we have a large gluten free section that includes white, brown, millet, and buckwheat flours.

So many of our products are organic, local and all live up to our very strict buying guides that allow no artificial ingredients. 


Come see all of our bulk pasta, beans, rice, specialty oils and so much more.

If you're looking for a wide variety of convenient, easy to prepare mixes that can get food on your table quickly and affordably, this is the place. Here are just a few of our quick meal choices:

  • vegetarian chili mix
  • Nature’s Burger mix
  • falafel mix

All of our mixes come with simple directions and usually require just adding water and cooking.

Enjoy and have fun!

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Our Cooking & Baking Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department
Buy the exactly how much you need - be it a pinch or a pound!

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