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Cooking & Baking

We've got it all - from organic whole wheat flour to Nature’s Burger mix.


Whether you're baking bread, cake, pastries, or just buckwheat cakes, Honest Weight has a full selection of products. We have all your baking basics plus a full selection of specialty flours like organic kamut flour, spelt flour and psyllium husk powder.

In addition, we have a large gluten free section that includes white, brown, millet, and buckwheat flours.


If you're looking for a wide variety of convenient, easy to prepare mixes that can get food on your table quickly and affordably, this is the place. Here's just a few of our quick meal choices:

  • vegetarian chili mix
  • Nature’s Burger mix
  • falafel mix

All of our mixes come with simple directions and usually require just adding water and cooking.  Enjoy.

Our Cooking & Baking Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department.  (Where you buy the exact amount you want.)