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Craft Beer & Cider

We have over 250 beers & ciders to increase your chill factor. Honest

We have over 250 craft beers.

Honest Weight will help you keep your cool and impress your guests with our incredible selection of craft beers and ciders.We have over 250 craft beers and ciders.

We’ve got limited-time, seasonal releases and specialty libations, with choice brews from Brooklyn to Belgium.

Four packs, six packs, and twelve packs, too! Stick a 750ml bomber of a Bavarian Doppelbock or French Lambic into one of our colorful recycled gift bags for your favorite connoisseur.

Fantastic gluten free beers and ales. Our famous, local 9 Pin Cider's Signature, Ginger Brew and Belgian.

We even have make-it–yourself beer and cider brewing kits for the crafty craft beer lovers in your life. Not sure what to try next? Ask us about our favorites, flavor profiles, or new varieties.

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When the snow doesn't show signs of stopping, we’ve got the best brews & ciders for popping.

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