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Dried Herbs & Spices

Our dried herb and spice section has everything from nine kinds of chili powder to organic tarragon - plus a long list of healthy herbs.

dry, organic, seasoning, herbs & spicesThe Co-op also carries many specialty salts. (Put some of our Italian black truffle salt on eggs and you'll totally fall in love with it.) At Honest Weight we have over 200 herbs and spices to choose from, many of them organic. With such a large selection, many shoppers just browse the racks to decide what they want to use in dinner tonight. So be sure to bring your recipe list when you come in. grocery stores and how hard it is to find some of the more obscure ones.

Among our many specialty salts are:

  • Coarse Celtic sea salt
  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Kosher salt

Our Dried Herbs & Spices section is located in our Bulk Foods Department.  (Where you buy the exact amount you want.)