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Responsibly Sourced, Fresh Seafood

Honest Weight only carries sustainable seafood that is environmentally sound. Our seafood is delivered seven days a week.Fresh seafood, fish, shellfish

Many other grocery stores only get deliveries two or three times week and only carry mostly previously frozen fish. That is not Honest Weight. Almost all of our seafood was never frozen and most was delivered just that day.

Because we only bring in as much - or as little as we need - our fish is always the freshest fish available.

We work with a local company out of Gloversville, NY called Antonucci's Wholesale Produce & Seafood.

Our availability changes from day to day because Antonucci’s goes to Boston Harbor every day to select our seafood - and they have very high standards. Because of the amount of seafood that we buy from them, we are given great prices on our seafood that we pass on to our customers. 

We use Seafood Watch to select sustainable seafood. Their standards are high so we can stand behind our product. 

"The Seafood Watch standards consist of guiding principles, science-based criteria and a robust scoring methodology. We regularly update them with the help of fisheries and aquaculture experts to ensure they incorporate the latest science and understanding of sustainability." - Seafood Watch Standards

Some of our regular, best sellers are:

  • Wild Caught Haddock,
  • Wild Caught Cod,
  • Wild Caught Swordfish,
  • Wild Caught Pollock,
  • Wild Caught Sole,
  • Wild Caught Dry Sea scallops,
  • Littleneck Clams,
  • Wild Caught Domestic Shrimp,
  • Mussels,
  • Wild Caught Monkfish, and
  • Fresh Trout

We do take special orders. 

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We would love to talk seafood with you. Please come on in if you have any questions or if you just want to see what we have fresh that day.
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