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Fruits & Veggies

Organic, non-organic, local, regional, or from outside the area - Honest Weight carries a wide selection of fruits and vegetables that are affordable, healthy, and environmentally friendly.

organic, local, responsible, environmentally friendly

We make shopping for healthy, affordable produce simple, quick, and easy. Our wide selection of fruits and vegetables is well marked with signs and/or labels indicating point of origin and growing method for each of our products.  You can easily tell if the peaches are local, the tomatoes organic, or the salad greens are imported. At the Co-op, we know that the where and how of your food is as important as what it is.Our fruit and vegetables are organic, natural and many are local

How local is our local and regional produce?  The Co-op and its members believe strongly that when eating locally grown foods, we not only support our environment, we nurture our communities.

Of course, eating healthy should always be as affordable as possible, which is why Honest Weight always strives to keep our organic prices as close to our non-organic prices as possible.  We work very hard to make it economical - and easy - to shop for healthy foods as we can.

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Want to learn more about our produce? Try new things? Find a larger variety of fruits and veggies than your average grocery store?

Come on into the Co-op and check it out! 

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