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Renovated Honest Weight Website Launched to Help Better Reach Their Community

Honest Weight Food Co-op's website is in the process of becoming Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, has been renovated to work properly on all mobile devices and is significantly more user-friendly and secure.


Honest Weight Food Co-op has launched a new website today,, that contains many new and important features. The new site is in the process of becoming Americans with Disabilities Act compliant, has a mobile responsive design so that it will work on all mobile devices, and is significantly more user-friendly and secure.

Websites that are up to date with the Americans with Disabilities Act can be used by people who are differently abled. Using special web browsers, those users are able to hear page copy and click through websites.

The new site also allows users to make the page text larger so that it is easier to see.

Jeff Marden, the Interim Director of Digital Marketing says, "Building the site to be ADA compliant is critical for me because it includes and supports more members of our community. We are working very hard on this part of the new launch to be completed as soon as possible."

Jeff continued, "Part of Honest Weight's mission is to be as inclusive as we can be. Our Mission and Statements of Conscience state that, 'We welcome all who choose to participate in a community which embraces cooperative principles, shares resources, and creates economic fairness in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for humanity and the earth.'"

The newly renovated site is also currently mobile responsive. This means that the new site will display properly on all mobile devices, from small phone displays to tablets of various sizes to desktops and large, conference room displays.

Honest Weight does a tremendous amount of outreach, educational work and supporting of charities in NY's Capital District. This outreach is paid for by Honest Weight at no required cost to the recipients.

To be able to fully support these causes, their website had to be as user-friendly and secure as possible. This was a priority so that Honest Weight will be able to bring their work and mission to as many in their community as they could, as efficiently as possible.

"We at Honest Weight are excited to launch our new website. We designed it with our community in mind," says Rick Mausert, Honest Weight's Chief Cooperative Officer. He continued, "Our hope is to show our great products and tell the stories about these products that provide our community with affordable, high quality, natural foods and products for healthy living."

For additional information on the renovated website launch of, contact Rick Mausert, Chief Cooperative Officer of Honest Weight Food Co-op at 518-482-2667, ext 101.

About Honest Weight Food Co-op
Honest Weight Food Co-op is a cooperative grocery store in Albany, NY that is open to the public. They offer specialty foods, organic meats, produce, craft beers and ciders, groceries, health and supplements, dairy and many other items. They offer a large selection of organic produce that is locally grown and responsibly sourced. Their organic, local produce and bulk food departments are some of the largest in the northeast. They support many special diets including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and local.

Honest Weight Food Co-op
100 Watervliet Ave
Albany, NY 12206
Phone: 518-482-2667

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