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HWFC Wellness Happenings

We're proud to carry and excited to talk about our Wellness products and the caring, thoughtful producers who bring them to us.

Here's just a few...

  • Zum Bar Natural SoapsVeriditas Botanicals
    They are the first essential oil company to exist or adhere to regulations based on European standards as none exist here for oils.

  • Shea Yeleen
    They pay women in Ghana where they source their materials above a living wage. This helps to create infrastructure and a healthy economy in their community.
  • Just Soap
    They use bicycles to provide energy for their warehouse and to produce their items.
  • Underground Alchemy
    They are a local, herbal CSA that grows everything on their property. All of those products are used for their herbal supplements

  • Earthly Remedies by Erin
    They are a local company that makes body care and household items, and also grows all the herbs on their own family farm. Those items are used as ingredients in their products. Erin had serious health issues that motivated her to begin making her own products.

  • Pacha Soap 
    They donate proceeds and soaps back to villages where their raw materials come from. Clean water and handwashing projects are examples of things they support with their sales at Honest Weight

  • 2nd Street Cosmetics
    They are a local skin care company inspired by their own experience with allergies to conventional skin care products. They created their own line that we sell here at Honest Weight and at other local shops.

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Find out more about Honest Weight's Wellness Department.

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We'd love to talk with you about what we carry.

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New Vendors

If you are a vendor and you would like to discuss if Honest Weight will sell your products, please email wellness.buyers -AT- for the proper forms.