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Member-Owner Opportunities during COVID-19

Attention Member-Owners

All hours invested on Co-op property will be incentivized at time-and-a-half

until the November 10th Board meeting. 


Honest Weight relies on Member-Owners to help run our store in a variety of ways. Here is a list of current needs, sorted by department. Please keep in mind your discount status when inquiring about assignments.


Times are evolving rapidly as we work to meet safety expectations and keep up with the needs of the community we serve. To see what may be needed for Member-Owner time investments for the time being, please reach out to the department that you are interested in helping out or contact Yevette Buddeau, Member-Owner Coordinator at 518-482-2667 ext 104 or email


Our departments of greatest need right now are:

  • The grocery department ( including stocking and conditioning shelves plus other tasks for grocery
  • Courtesy clerks ( including bagging groceries and straightening baskets and boxes at the front end
  • Outside counters/cart-cleaners ( including tasking as a team or alone to help to count customers who enter and exit the store as well as corralling, cleaning, and retrieving shopping carts both outside and inside of the entrance.
  • Checking prices and printing shelf tags weekly ( including some time on the sales floor and some on a computer. Comfort with technology and being on your feet, as well as being detail oriented 

If you can help out in any of these areas, please contact the department directly or contact Yevette at for assistance being connected. 


Here is a contact list of departments that may need help right now:

Bulk-- Justin at, or call 518.482.2667 x 259 

Cheese & Specialty Foods-- Contact Linda at or 518.482.2667 x 256 and X 115 

Front End-- Katie at, or call 518.482.2667 x 112

Grocery-- Georgia at or Josh at or call 518.482.2667 x 252

Housekeeping-- John at or 518.482.2667 x 103

Meat and Seafood-- Mo at or 518.482.2667 x 257

Maintenance and Grounds Support-- Yevette at or Brian P. at 

Plants-- Carol at   

Produce-- Brendan at, or 518.482.2667 x 253

Wellness-- Kevin at or JoAnn at