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Bulk Oils & Liquids

Honest Weight is your source for local honey, gluten-free tamari, five types of vinegar, eleven kinds of oils, and - plain ol' water.

At the Co-op you'll find a wide selection of organic, non-organic and local oils, vinegars, extracts, maple syrups, miso, and soy sauces.

You'll also find reverse osmosis, purified water. This water is purified in the store, as you need it. You can either bring your own bottle from home or buy one of our re-usable, BPA-free 1 or 3 gallon bottles right in the store.

You can even re-fill your olive oil or vinegar bottle – but bring it in clean, please. (The health department likes it better that way.  ;-)

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Our Oils & Liquids Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department
Buy the exactly how much you need - be it a pinch or a pound!

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