Prepared Foods

Breakfast, lunch and dinner - hot and cold - take out or eat in -  now that's convenient!

Grab dinner for the whole family or eat a quick solo lunch in our small cafe. The Co-op's got you covered.

All of our food is made from scratch and prepared by a very talented team of chefs, who bring culinary passion and flavorful inspiration to their job - and the meals they create. Their goal is to support healthy eating and always offer exciting, delicious and convenient foods, including meals for special diets.

Whatever you like or need in your prepared foods, we have it. A small sample is:

  • Local foods
  • Seasonal delights
  • Ethnic favorites
  • Gluten free foods
  • Vegan choices

And of course, if you have any special dietary or allergy concerns, feel free to ask to see the list of ingredients.

In addition to our own wonderful meal choices, we also offer food from some of the area's best, local restaurants:

  • Lebanese from Al Baraki
  • Vietnamese from Mý Linh
  • Hero’s Sushi

Healthy food to eat on the go. or to take home for the family, Honest Weight has it all. And, of course, we're always open to suggestions and special food requests. If you don't see what you would like, please ask.