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Bulk Sweets & Snacks

Have you tried our organic jelly beans? How about our chocolate covered macadamia nuts or our carob bars?

Honest Weight knows that sweets and snacks can be as important as tofu and butter on your shopping list. So you really need to come in and check out the selection here at the Co-op.

You can choose just a few ounces, or a full pound, of Dark Chocolate SunDrops, licorice snacks, ice cream sprinkles, seasonal holiday candy, and more.  And although they might not be guilt-free, our sweets and snacks are made with all-natural ingredients and without artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

Some of our most popular items are:

  • Chocolate covered cashews
  • Wasabi green peas
  • Reed's crystallized ginger

Parents! Many of our snacks look just like traditional junk food snacks, but without any of the artificial colors. Pack them in your child’s lunch and their friends won't know the difference - kid's will love them and you'll know you're offering a healthier alternative.

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Our Sweets & Snacks Section is located in our Bulk Foods Department
Buy the exactly how much you need - be it a pinch or a pound!

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