R.W. Knudsen Simply Nutritious Juice
Nature's Path Organic Cereal
Casscadian Farm Organic Frozen Veggies
Casscadian Farm Organic Frozen Fruit
Beyond Meat Plant Protien Crumbles & Strips
Fage Total Yogurt
Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips
Long Grain Brown Rice
Tierra Farm Organic Peruvian Medium Roast

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Staff Pick - Vermont Maple Sriracha Sauce
Staff Pick - Vermont Maple Sriracha Sauce
“Sriracha or Siracha Sauce?!! There are so many brands but there can only be ONE that stands above the rest. It is the local Vermont Maple Sriracha Sauce. It contains all natural ingredients and is preservative, sulfite and gluten free. Once you go Vermont Maple Sriracha, your taste buds will never go back!” - Jamere, Co-op Member Since 2014
Co-op Catering
Co-op Catering
We're excited to offer a diverse catering menu filled with signature housemade dishes and delicious house crafted cheese platters. Oh, and you can place your order online too!
Pay it forward!
Pay it forward!
We give 5¢ back on every reusable bag used to pack your groceries! Now, we're proud to offer a way for you to help local non-profits by paying it forward... Envirotokens! Just choose a token instead of a nickel at the register and put it in the bin for whatever organization you want to support. Ask your cashier for more details!
Bread & Honey
Bread & Honey
After successful careers in dance, architecture and construction management, Naomi Davies decided to explore the world of retail, specifically in the food industry. She came to Albany and saw an opportunity to open a bakery that would specialize in good, fresh artisan breads and great bagels. In order to increase her baking skills, she sought out culinary classes, including an intensive course at King Arthur Flour in Vermont. Finally in 2013 she opened Bread and Honey, Inc., at 809 Madison Ave. in Albany.

What's Hot Today?

GINGERBREAD SMOOTHIE Organic almond milk blended with banana, molasses, chia seed, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and spices
AWESOME CHICKEN SALAD SANDWICH Our signature lightly curried chicken salad with cranberries on a local multigrain sub roll with arugula
MEDITERRANEAN PANINI Baked Portobello mushrooms, caramelized onion, spinach and mozzarella on multigrain sliced bread with sundried tomato tapenade

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