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Honest Weight offers free and low-cost community classes, events, and services as part of our mission. We are committed to helping our community learn more about growing, choosing, preparing, and using natural foods and to teaching about alternative ways of living that are healthy for ourselves, our community, and our planet. 

Please note, all events require registration, unless stated otherwise!!

One-on-One Services

Group Sessions + Drop in Services

Honest Weight Outreach - Come see us out in the Community!

Please note that classes often fill up. Registration is required for many classes, events, and services, as indicated below next to each event. Please let us know if your plans change and you are no longer able to make it. Contact Anastasia with any questions at

All classes are free of charge unless otherwise noted!




Acupuncture with Paul


May Sign-ups!!

Every Monday starting at 9am in the Community Room 


Acupuncture can be used to help with a variety of conditions such as pain, anxiety, stress, digestive issues or just to maintain a healthy balance. A 30-minute session will allow time for a targeted one-sided acupuncture treatment. These sessions are open to ALL (you don’t have to be a member!). Sign up for ONE 30-minute spot and make sure to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled time. Due to the incredible response to this offering, we are limiting sessions to ONE PER PERSON, PER MONTH. 

Paul Marks L.Ac. MSTOM is a NYS licensed Acupuncturist with over 12 years of experience. He has spent extensive time studying classical acupuncture and moxa therapy as well as being a Ph.D. candidate at Liaoning University of TCM in China. He specializes in orthopaedic acupuncture and pain management.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

April/May Registration

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy (BCST) is a gentle, hand-on healing methodology that helps to settle the client's nervous system and help your body's inherent healing wisdom to surface and express itself. It helps to release stuck patterns and reduce tension, pain, and inflammation. Clients often find the treatments deeply relaxing and supportive of other healing approaches they are pursuing. Treatments are conducted fully clothed, and all touch is negotiated with the client.

A $5 NONREFUNDABLE Deposit is required to register, you will receive a $5 HWFC Gift Card upon attendance to your appointment, please email for a fee waiver!

Evelyn Wright is an Albany area native, ecological economist, and longtime Honest Weight member. She is studying BCST at the School of Inner Health in Denver, CO. She is offering these BCST sessions as part of her mentorship towards becoming a certified practitioner.

Reiki w Dee!!

May Registration!!

         FREE REIKI SESSIONS! Registration required.

Reiki is an energy system developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the 1920s which helps to balance the body and allow its natural self healing capabilities to work more effectively. Elegant and intelligent, it works according to the needs of the person and is known for relieving pain promoting relaxation and well-being as well as aiding the healing processes of the body and is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, etc. as a complement to allopathic medicine. These 30-minute sessions will include a quick consultation to discover how to best serve your needs, scanning and full body treatment to support you in your wholeness.

Reiki is not a replacement for medical treatment please consult a medical provider as Reiki practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medication.

Dee Mclaughlin is a sixth generation Reiki master in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. She received all of her training at the John Harvey gray Center for Reiki Healing under Reiki Master Teacher Lourdes Gray.

Tarot Readings with Erin

                                                   FREE Tarot SESSIONS! Registration required.

Tarot is an ancient source of divining wisdom and guidance. If you have never had a tarot reading before, or if you have had many readings, this is an opportunity for you to ask the cards a particular question or simply get a check-in about what the cards have to say about what have going on in your life right now. Erin's readings help her clients boost positive energy and are a great way to gain clarity and insight into your life and the direction you may be headed. Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.  Erin Sheehan is an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader.  Erin has been reading tarot for several years for friends and professionally, and uses the cards as a tool for self-discovery and personal growth. She is passionate about helping others uncover their own inner wisdom and gain a deeper understanding of their lives and their path.

 Tarot Readings with Lori 

                                                                  Currently taking a hiatus!!

Lori is offering remote tarot readings while on her hiatus, please email to get connected with Lori!

Angel Card or Natal Chart Readings 

May Registration!!

Join Jenn for a free 45 minute Session; One per Person per Month!

Jenn finds that curiosity is continuously nudging her toward deeper and greater exploration of the unseen world. The interconnectedness of seemingly unrelated elements of life, is where the magic of our experience as creators exists. We can choose where to set boundaries, how to receive information, and impeccably understand why a cycle is both ending and beginning anew. And since there is a vast universe of information from which we decide our world view, there are many tools to assist in dialing in on what is right in a moment, or even as an archetype. She offers two options of divination to help you clarify your truth. One is through an Angel Card Reading, where you can gain confirmation on the messages your guardian angel(s) or guides have been bring up for you lately. Second is a natal chart reading where you can address where planetary transits are lighting up your life.

Jenn is a part of Kyle Gray’s Angel Team and have completed Level-II Certification with National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR).


Hand Reflexology & Massage w Teresa

Sign up Here!!

Reflexology and massage therapy work as stress-reducers in the nervous system, prompting an effect on the whole body. Each 30 minute session begins with a brief consultation. You will receive a hand massage using reflexology techniques. This will be followed by a simple head massage which also helps reduce stress and calms muscular tension. 

Massage is not a replacement for medical treatment; please consult  a medical provider because massage therapists do not diagnose medical conditions. 

Theresa is a Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing massage for the past 15 years in her business, Harmony Massage. She has also studied Healing Touch Levels 1-4, Energy Medicine with Donna Eden, and is a Reiki Master with the Usui method. She is also currently working with massage students at the Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy.Her massage work is infused with her understanding of the impact of energy work and brings a deeper experience for her clients.

Acupuncture with Sally

Wednesdays in Conference Room!!

April/May Sign ups


Free acupuncture with Sally Rappeport, L.Ac. Sally primarily practices Saam acupuncture which is a Korean style that usually uses only 4 needles per treatment. She has found that it has quite profound results for many different types of issues including all types of pain, asthma and allergies, gynecological conditions, anxiety and depression, digestive conditions, urination and prostate conditions, insomnia, migraines, etc.   Sessions will last around 30”-45". PLEASE wear comfortable, loose clothing as this style of acupuncture uses primarily points from the knees and elbows to the feet and hands. We will chat for a few minutes and then I’ll insert the needles. You can expect to feel very relaxed once the needles are in. This style of acupuncture gives the body a very clear message by supplementing the weakest channel in the wheel of 12 channels. When that weakness in the wheel gets tonified, all 12 channels come into a better relationship with one another and the wheel of life turns more effectively. Sometimes, I may use other modalities, such as cupping or gua sha.
Sally Rappeport, Licensed Acupuncturist, has been practicing for over 25 years, first in Brooklyn and now in Philmont, NY. Her love for East Asian Medicine has led her to teach herbal medicine online to practitioners and do telemedicine herb consults, treating people all over the US and in Europe. In addition, she was instrumental in bringing practitioners together for an annual conference from 2016- 2023, as founder of the Shen Nong Society.  She serves on the ASA (American Society of Acupuncturists) Herb Committee. She attended the Pacific College of Health Sciences graduating in 1997. Previously, Sally was a dancer/performance artist and Early Chilhood/Elementary School Teacher. She is a foodie and loves to garden and knit. Her website is

This Month's Classes


  Arabic Lessons with Hamad

This is a basic Arabic class that focuses on learning the Arabic language through a cultural lens. Arabic is one of the hardest languages to learn due to its versatility and evolution. While learning the language, it is recommended to learn a little about the culture to understand where words come from and how they formulate. 

Hamad Alghareeb is a native Arabic language speaker. Hamad acquired English as a new language through formal education, which influenced their love for teaching and languages. Additionally, they taught English as a New Langauge in South America and the Middle East. 

                         Folk Guitar & Ukelele.

 First Monday in the Community Room 6pm

A learning/sharing session open to all who are interested, this low-stress instructional workshop is tailored to equip, inspire and encourage participants to competently make and talk the language of music. Come learn to play and sing hundreds of traditional and contemporary folk, pop, and country songs, and meet other musicians – whether aspiring or accomplished - in this all-level class that meets on the second Monday of every month. No need to sign up--just drop by!

Knit & Stitch, drop in!

Every Friday from 1-3pm Community Room

We welcome knitters and crocheters, beginners or advanced. Come share your skills or learn new ones in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. No need to sign up; just drop by!

Traditional Music Jam, drop in!

1st & 3rd Thursday of each month from 1-3pm Community Room

A round Robin format will accommodate people at all levels of ability as each person gets to choose a tune and its tempo. People of all ages and experiences are encouraged to fully participate as musicians and/or listeners.

All styles of traditional music and instruments are welcome. This is a participatory group with no expectations of performance. If anyone wants to try a particular tune, they need to bring sheet music to share and they should be able to lead.

Join us as a listener! We love an audience, the more the merrier!!

Please email Patricia Kernan at with any questions.

Conversational Spanish Online with Melanie Pores!

Weekly on Fridays, 10am-12pm 

Beginning to advanced students are welcome to join this extraordinary community class led by the wonderful Melanie Pores. Please email for the Zoom link.

Gentle Yoga w. Carrie

Fridays  at 4pm Community Room

 May 10th, June 7th & 24th

FREE! Drop-in No Registration Required!

This class will be gentle in nature with plenty of cues to modify. Perfect for beginners, seasoned yoga practitioners, and everyone in between. The yoga practice led will require little to no weight bearing on hands and knees making it perfect for sensitive joints. Classes are created based on who shows up and what is requested and they will always include a centering, breathing exercises, warm-ups, yoga forms, and relaxation. Chairs can be used as yoga props if needed. All are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat (we will have some available) and any props that you require for a yoga experience that will best support you.

Community Yoga with Mary!

Sundays June 2nd, 16th & 30th

9:30-10:30 AM in The Community Room

FREE! Drop-in No Registration Required!

Make time in your week to yoke together mind, body, & spirit through intentional movement in this hour-long vinyasa class. With a focus on conscious breath, you will move through a series of poses (asanas), creating space in your body as well as your heart. Connect to yourself, while practicing yoga in community. All levels class, beginners welcome. Mary Rosch, an Albany native, has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and loves to now share yoga through teaching. Come as you are to this Sunday morning class and help cultivate extra special energy in the HWFC Community Room! 

yoga with scrap

FREE! Drop-in No Registration Required!

NO LATE ARRIVALS! Please make sure you're ready to go at 9am sharp!

Yoga with scrap is a challenging mat class for practitioners seeking a moderately rigorous practice – great for beginners with some familiarity with yoga.

This class will begin with tuning into the breath through guided somatic awareness. Moving into movement with modified sun salutations for warm-up, each class proceeds through vinyasa sequences of standing and floor asanas crafted to encourage students to discover a deepened relationship with their bodies, sensation, strength, flexibility, energy, and inner life.

Scrap Wrenn (RYT-200, R-CYT) draws upon a decade of experience with many teachers for her vinyasa flow and restorative yoga practices. Her dedication to meditation includes participation with the Mountains and River Order sangha and regular Zen Mountain Monastery residencies. Scrap also teaches mindfulness practices, and visual art courses, at Marist College (2014-2022), and received a 2014 grant from the Hemera Foundation that empowered her contemplative studies at various Buddhist practice centers. Also a registered children's yoga teacher emphasizing simple joy, Scrap lives in profound gratitude and appreciation for mantra, breath work, and the miracles of aliveness available in yoga. She teaches to offer her experience to others for energetically tuning into subtle bodies toward release, healing, and insight.


Instagram: @scrapworm

Italian for Beginners with Federico!

Sundays 5-6:30 in Community Room

In this beginner Italian class, you will learn the basics of contemporary Italian language, from a correct pronunciation to how "Italian culture" shapes the language and vice-versa, to slang and new linguistic challenges. You will learn the fundamentals of Italian grammar in comparison to the English language, tips and tricks on how to advance on your own and much more. Each lesson will explain new grammar concepts, introduce new vocabulary and exercise your listening and speaking skills. Furthermore, we will touch other related topics such as Linguistics, Philology and regional variations. Come join a warm and welcoming setting and learn the language of Dante!

Federico Zwirner (Fred, he/they) is a native Italian speaker from Venice with a degree in Japanese Language Culture and Society. His multicultural upbringing set him on the path of learning lots of different languages and cultures, and passionately trying to share his love for the beauty of why and how humans describe themselves and the world around them. Fred is currently studying Linguistics and Gaelic on their own and working in the Coop's kitchen as a Cook, learning about and preparing lots of different dishes from many different cultures.

Yoga & Sound Bath

Thursday June 27th 7pm

Enjoy the restorative benefits of a Yoga & Sound journey, that combines active release and relaxation to encourage uplifted energy and balance between your body's heaven, earth, and heart energy.

  1. Meditation to find and release energetic tension in the body.
  2. Gentle Yoga Movements to free locked emotions and ground.
  3. Reiki Moving meditation 

  4. Extra-long savasana with a 24-inch singing bowl, that you will have the opportunity to stand in. 

  5. Time to connect & answer any questions.

What to bring:
Bring a closed water bottle to stay hydrated.
Wear comfy warm clothes.
Bring a blanket, body temperature can drop when you relax.

How to Reach & Follow Teresa

Teresa is available for private sessions in Albany, NY at Healing Ki Connections.

Email us at 

Follow IG FB @healingkiconnections


Registration Required!!

Medicare 101

Wednesday May 15th 1pm

Come to this educational program to remove the confusion surrounding Medicare! Whether you already are on Medicare or will be in the next year or so, this program will give you a grasp of the different parts of Medicare (A, B, C,D), what you can expect to pay for each part, the difference between Original Medicare and supplemental/advantage plans and how to avoid Medicare scams.

Sandra Kahlon is an Occupational Therapist who has been working with and advocating for seniors for 30 years. Her favorite position was a 17 year tenure as the Director of Rehabilitation Services at a skilled nursing facility and Rehabilitation center in the Capital District. There it was her role to be the liasion between the Facility and the insurance companies. That is where Sandra’s passion for advocating was ignited as it was up to her and her team of therapists to ensure that the patients at the center were granted enough days of therapy to return home strong, safe and confident. 

Indian Cooking with Sam & Mike

Saturday June 8th 6pm Teaching Kitchen

Join Sam & Mike for their monthly cooking class!

You'll leave with a full belly after spending the evening in great company. What could be better?! Entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable, Sam & Mike create a fun, festive atmosphere in which to learn these Raj family recipes.

A $5 deposit reserves your spot. Upon attendance to class you will receive a $5 gift card to the store. Gift cards will not be issued to those not in attendance on the day of the event and no refunds will be issued for attendee cancelations.

No one will be turned away due to lack of funds, email for a fee waiver!

Open Mic Night! 

Monday June 17th 6:30pm Coop Cafe

Join us for community music, poetry, and storytelling! 
All are welcome to perform at this community event, or just grab a latte and listen to talented members of the HWFC community! 
Beverages and great snacks, goodies, and food can be purchased at HWFC. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted. Outside food and beverages of any kind are not permitted. 
Interested in performing? Sign up and check in starting at 6:30pm in the Co-op Cafe. Time slots will be assigned in order of performer check-in. Contact Cynthia and Roger at for more information. 
Member-Owners will not receive time investment hours for performing or as audience members 

Simple Habits w Jackie 

May 15th 7pm

May 23rd 6:30pm

Registration not Required!!

Are you looking for guidance on how to achieve your goals? Did you know that incorporating a few simple habits into your day to day can get you on track to achieving your goals?!

Join Jackie to learn more!!

  Learning to Listen;

Let's End White Supremacy.

Third Thursdays at 6:30pm via ZOOM

Next Date:June 20th 6pm

We are building a growing team whose focus is to bring about the end of white supremacy. We importantly do this work for us, so that we can rid ourselves of racism, and know we are doing the work together to end this pervasive and destructive oppression. Safe, nonjudgmental place where we can share our thoughts, show our strengths and vulnerabilities, and move forward together as a team. Compassionate and courageous listening has proven to be a useful tool in taking effective action. Specifically, we use this tool to build capacity to listen to each other around issues of racism and to dismantle white supremacy. Ending white supremacy takes focused persistence, so we are providing monthly opportunities to do this work together.
Email; for Meeting Link

Reiki and Sound Meditation

Monday April 22nd 6pm

Join Teresa Harlow as she guides you through a sound healing journey, to experience the ancient power of healing with a 24-inch bronze singing bowl that you will get to stand in. Nicknamed The Blessing Bowl. 

We will begin with a short introduction on how to access your true self with a guided Reiki meditation before we flow into your sound healing journey. The peaceful sound of the bronze bowls will help you sink into a meditative state, where insight occurs, and transformation takes place.

“Meditation is not suppression of thoughts. It is observing your thoughts. Why not just observe where the sound is taking your thoughts? It is not about erasing your thoughts.” Dr. Mitch Nur

As you are emersed in sound frequencies,  Teresa invites you to surrender and take a moment to acknowledge & explore your own needs, emotions, and feelings that are moving to the surface.  Sit with them, feel them, and give them a voice by listening to them and stating them silently in your mind.  Give yourself permission to release what no longer serves you with the support of the bronze Blessing Bowl you can stand in.

Parlez-Vous?;Let's Speak French!!

Saturdays at 9am Starting March 23rd!

 Brush up on your high school French or start a brand- new language from scratch.  We will learn by movement, song, storytelling, videos, drawing, games and conversing with each other. The curriculum will start with the customary "must-haves" such as; greetings, food, health, asking for directions, weather, numbers, shopping.  A typical class would begin with new vocabulary, reinforcing it with games, repetition, drawings, and acting it out IF you are comfortable doing so. It's a fun and creative process.I look forward to meeting you!  Bienvenue a notre classe de francais!

About your instructor, Susan!
"I have been a French teacher for 25 years from Pre-K to twelfth grade. It has been one of my lifelong passions since I started studying it in high school. 
Although recently retired, I still love teaching French."


Adult Art Class w Selena!!

Sunday May 26th 1pm

Join Selena for her fabulous free monthly art class for adults!!

Summer Lithograph Prints

All materials will be provided and light refreshments will be served. Ages 16+ are welcome to attend.

Walk-ins welcome as space allows!

Registration Preferred but not Required!!


 Kid's Gardening & Nature Club!!

Sunday June 16th 11am Community Room

Welcoming youth ages 5-12+ for our monthly Kids Gardening & Nature Club!
These workshops will include a Nature inspired lesson, and also hands-on
activities either in the garden or in the community room. There will be
music, movement, and gardening fun for all. Kids are welcome to bring
their own pair of gardening gloves, but gloves will also be available to
borrow. We will meet on the 3rd Sunday, every month!

Please only register your child. Caregivers/Parent(s) + one child = one
registration. Thank you!


Meditation for ALL! with Dave

Tuesday May 28th 7:15pm

This all-levels class is designed to break meditation down into its fundamental components so that even first-time practitioners can leave with tools to jump start an independent meditation practice. During this group, participants will be given instructions to help them connect to their breath, acknowledge their senses, and embrace conscious reflection. Dave strives to pace this group so that each stage allows all participants to feel a deep sense of rest and intrapersonal connection, while minimizing the risk of excess distraction. Guided meditation will run for approximately 35 minutes with an additional 15 minutes allowed for Q&A.

Dave is a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga teacher (CYT200) who owns and operates a psychotherapy practice out of Albany, NY. Though his current work entails counseling, he enjoys opportunities to share his love and knowledge of meditation 

July Death Cafe

Wednesday June 5th CANCELLED

Next Session July 3rd 7pm Community Room

No registration required; Just Show Up!!

Hosted by member-owner, Michelle Polacinski, this cafe will provide a safe space to discuss death in all aspects. The objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives. While this is not a bereavement or grief support resource, we will happily refer you to places where you can receive this kind of support.
This offering is Free. Beverages and a sweet treat will be provided.

Michelle Polacinski is an experienced herbalist and trained end-of-life doula. After struggling with physical health issues throughout her childhood and teenage years, Michelle discovered plant medicine. Growing up in the rural Lebanon Valley, she was no stranger to foraging and yet continues to learn about new plants and their healing properties every day. She has been working with plants for over 12 years.

We're All Plastic People Now

Movie Night & Discussion with Environmental Committee

Register Here!!!

We're All Plastic People Now" 
This new 57 min. documentary by an Emmy-award winning producer explores the effects of plastic pollution on human health. 

Movie Night & Discussion with the Environment Committee
Popcorn will be served.

Mon, June 24, 7 - 8:45 pm
Questions for discussion:

What can we do to reduce the amount of microplastics we unintentionally consume?

What can Honest Weight do to reduce our exposure to plastic and harmful plastic additives from food and drink?

RSVP appreciated.

NEW!! Chinese-Astrology Customized Qigong

April/May Sign ups

         FREE SESSIONS! Registration required.

Chinese Astrology is one of the arts of Chinese Metaphysics. Just like other astrology systems, it says that we are born with a certain energtic blueprint which determines our personality, talents, and atitudes in life. In additon, it has very precise tools to understand what specific energies come our way every decade, and how our own energies interact with those that everyone experiences: the energies of the year, month, day, and hour. In this system, everyone is subject to some energic imbalances, which show up as various sensitvities and health challenges.

Food and exercise are two great ways to balance these energies and achieve a state of wellness. They can prevent, manage, and even reverse these problems. Qigong is a combination of gentle movements, intention, and breath. It is intrinsically linked to Chinese Medicine, as all the movements deliberately activate acupuncture meridians and points. Both also belong to Chinese Metaphysics.

In this 45-minute session, Silvia uses your Chinese Astrology chart to understand potential health problems, and then teach you specific Qigong movements to help you restore balance and prevent illness. To participate in the session, the location and date of birth need to be provided. If the time of birth is known, the analysis will be most accurate – but a lot can be derived even without that.

Daddy & Me Sound Healing Ceremony 

June 13th 6pm Community Room

This June, honor you and your child with a celebration of gratitude, fun, and relaxation with a unique 90-minute sound healing journey. Each dad and child will get to stand in a 24-inch singing bowl together, experiencing sound healing like never before. All ages are welcome. 

§ Enjoy a special Sound Healing ceremony with a 24-inch bronze singing bowl.

§ The ceremony starts with Daddy & Child sharing their gratitude with kind words and flowers.

§ Mini grounding meditation for emotional regulation & bonding.

§ Lay down and relax together, listening to the singing bowls as you wait your turn to stand in the blessing bowl. Wiggling is okay too!

§ Time to sing & play with the bowls yourself!


Note: To stay warm and comfy, please bring blankets & pillows and wear warm, comfy clothing. Layers are lovely. When you relax, your body temperature can drop, making you chilly.  Stay hydrated before the Sound Healing Ceremony and throughout the day to support your natural healing process. 

Registration required; 1 ticket = admission for 1 caregiver & child

Bring Your Own Sewing Machine Class w. Becky!

Monday June 17th 2:30 Community Room

Do you have a sewing machine, but need some help learning how it functions?

Join Becky for a Bring-your-Own Sewing Machine Class!

Students must bring their own sewing machines, scissors and pins. Becky will give individualized support on how to use your sewing machine, as we collectively work on a project. We will provide fabric, and you'll go home with your project & new sewing skills! Please note this class is only intended for those who can bring their own machine! You'll learn how to work with patterns, cutting/sewing techniques, and more!

$5 NONREFUNDABLE RESERVATION FEE; Upon arrival students will receive a $5 HWFC gift card. No-shows or cancellations will not get a gift card. Please email for info on fee waivers! Registration Required!!

Plastics Recycling in the Capital Region & Beyond: Myths vs. Markets, Webinar, February 2022 with Honest Weight's Environment Committee and NYSAR3 (New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling)

Community Outreach - Co-op Classes at the Community

Our Community Impact Team travels all around the Capital District to offer Honest Weight education at schools, libraries, and community spaces. Come see us out in the community!

For more information or to get involved, contact Amy at