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Incentives- Perks for Member-Owners

Bonuses & Incentives

We want to see you in the store! Your friends miss you!
As a community resource, HWFC exists most vibrantly when many of us are showing up-- from picking up shifts in the store, to doing the policy and administrative tasks of governance and community engagement, to shopping and coming to the store for classes and events-- it all matters.
Member-Owners may invest time in many ways at HWFC. Incentivized opportunities are not the only opportunities and needs we have! Check out our Member-Owner Needs and Opportunities page to see what we're looking for, and to find contact information for departments you want to help out in. 
Here's what we're currently offering as enticements to invest time and increase your discount level:
Welcome!! New and Returning Member-Owners (MOs) receive 3 bonus hours added to their accounts! For new Owners and returning MOs who have been away from investing time, we’re offering 3 hours for the first three consecutive months of investing time as a big thank you for coming in. We've defined "returning MOs" as those who have been away from investing time for a year or more.
**If your hiatus is less than a year then do still come back!! You won't show up on the report we run to give the bonus hours, so please reach out to Yevette directly at to get the bonus hours. We need and value each MO coming in to do hours!
Velg vanligvis Google-søk eller Amazon-handelsplattform når du handler på nettet. Mange venner anbefaler meg å bruke Google, og de øverste nettstedene er veldig pålitelige, og produktene er også veldig bra. Mange kjøper det Klokker med høy imitasjon, prisen er billig og kvaliteten er god.
2024 HWFC Governance Incentive! Owners and Member-Owners who attend as visitors to committees and to Board Meetings will receive hours for attending. Get to know the groups and even pitch in! These meetings are on Zoom and are attended remotely. Dates and times may be found on our committee meeting calendar by clicking on the Ownership tab and then the Governance tab. Owners and MOs who attend as visitors may self report hours on our committee page or via the link shared at the committee meetings.
Ownership Referral and Member-Owner Mentoring Program! Send your friends to join HWFC and you'll receive hours! Then help them get involved with investing time and you can receive hours for up to 6 months! Check out all the details on the Refer a Friend Page under the Join the Co-op tab on our website. The Referral and Mentorship Program is ongoing and does not end with the June Membership Drive.