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Committees of the Board of Directors

Our committees help us run Honest Weight. See if there is a committee for you.

Committees at Honest Weight are committees of our Board of Directors. They help with the work of the Board and submit their projects to the Board for approval. Our committees have developed workplans for the year that help plan the use of their time and energy, workplans are posted in PDF format. (Note: this file may be password protected.  Please call the Co-op with your member number to obtain the password and download instructions or email

Committee reports, when available, are appended to board meeting minutes. See this page for more information.

If you would like more information about any committee or to express interest in joining one, please use the committee email address provided below.  You can also email the Board:

Visit a Committee Meeting, get involved! Committee Meetings are open to member-owners to attend. Find Zoom links to all committee meetings on our Zoom Links page. For 2024, all HWFC owners and member-owners who attend committee meetings will receive time investment hours for attendance. Visiting MOs may click here to submit their time invested in the committe meeting. Come see what it's all about!  

HWFC Committee Guidelines for MOs and Committee Chairs can be viewed here

Anti-Racism Committee

Purpose:  To explore ways for HWFC to actively and consistently support an anti-racist agenda. Thinking of visiting an Anti-Racism Committee meeting? See our guidelines for visiting MOs here.

Board Liaison:  Barry Walston
Committee Email: 
Regularly Meets:  Third Monday of the month at 5:30pm
Work Plan: 2020-2021

Communications Committee 

Purpose:  To provide information about the Co-op to Member-Owners. The Committee publishes our monthly Membership newsletter, Honest Slate, and offers a written governance style guide for HWFC publications.

Report with us! Comm Comm welcomes interviewers, news writers, and copy editors to collaborate with our team.

      Board Liaison:  Neil Rice
      Committee Email:
      Newsletter Email:                                                         
      Regularly Meets:  
Fourth or last Monday of the month, 6:30 pm, Zoom
      Work Plan: 
2024 Work Plan   

Elections and Nominations Committee

Purpose:  To find and review nominees for vacancies on the Board of Directors.

Board Liaison:  Chris Johnson
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Second Wednesday of the month, 6:30 pm, Zoom
Work Plan: 2023-24 Work Plan

HWFC Nominating & Voting Guide

Report to the Board on the Governance Survey Results from October 2019 Membership Meeting

Environment Committee

Purpose:  To promote and highlight ways environmental stewardship and initiatives are enacted by HWFC, to develop and support environmental actions that are consistent with the Co-op's Mission, and to be the point of contact for environmental questions and ideas from the Co-op community. 

Board Liaison:  Ursula Abrams
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Fourth Monday of the month, 5 pm, Zoom  

Finance Committee

Purpose: To keep board and member-owners informed of the Co-op's financial condition.

Board Liaison:  Steve Golub
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Last Tuesday of the month, 6 pm, Zoom
Work Plan: 2020-2021 Work Plan

Honest Arts Committee

Purpose:  To beautify the internal and external physical environment of HWFC.

Board Liaison:  Jammella Anderson
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Third Tuesday of the month, 7 pm, Zoom
Work Plan: 2021 Work Plan

Honest Arts is holding art shows in a virtual space, on Honest Weight's Facebook page, due to COVID-19. Check it out here!

Strategic and Long Range Planning Committee

Purpose: To advise the Board on Long Range Planning.

Board Liaison: Steve Golub
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets: Last Wednesday of the month, 6 pm, Zoom

Membership Committee

Purpose:  To promote member-owner participation in the Co-op, preserve the rights and roles of member-owners, and search for solutions to member-owner issues and concerns.

The Membership Committee is seeking two more member-owners to join the fun!

Board Liaison:  Wendy Hord
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Third Wednesday of the month, 5:30 pm
Work Plan: 2023-2024 Work Plan

Nutrition and Education Committee

Purpose:  To provide educational materials related to food issues.

Board Liaison:  Kim Kaiser
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Third Monday of the month, 5:30 pm, Zoom
Work Plan: 2022-2023 Work Plan

Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee

Purpose:  Statement in progress.

Board Liaison:  Jammella Anderson
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Fourth Thursday of the month, 6:15 pm, Zoom
Work Plan: TBD

Personnel Committee 

Purpose:  To provide policy research and proposals to the board regarding all staffing issues at the Co-op, specifically including the maintenance of a current employee manual which is available to all staff members.

Board Liaison:  Wendy Hord
Committee Email:
Regularly Meets:  Second Thursday of the month, 5:30 pm, Zoom

Current HWFC Employee Manual

Work Plan: 2024 Work Plan