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The Co-op is a special kind of grocery store. We have member-owners providing services, way more bulk items than most people are used to, and we go to great lengths to reduce waste and our enviromental impact. This handy guide should help new or seasoned shoppers with different aspects of shopping the Co-op, from buying in bulk to produce PLUs to what all those labels mean!


Not a member? No problem! When you go into the Co-op, you can explore and enjoy and make purchases, just like at a conventional grocery store. When you check out, your cashier might ask you if you're a member-owner or if you have a member number. If not, just say no and carry on!


Most of our produce doesn't have stickers on it, so you can either write down the PLU number (on a twist tie or sticker from the produce section, in your phone's notes, or on a clipboard from the service desk) or remember if it's organic or conventional so they know how to ring it up.


We do have a huge bulk department, so bring your own containers (jars, baggies, whatever) and have them weighed at the Service Desk before you shop. Bulk goods are always cheaper than packaged goods! You'll just have to write the PLU for whatever you buy (more on that here). We have containers for free or for purchase if you forget yours, so don't worry about that.


We offer 5 cents back for every reusable bag you bring in, or you can opt to donate that 5 cents to a charity through our Enviro Tokens program.They'll ask about this at the register if you bring in a cloth bag.


If you have any questions, just ask someone at the service desk or a person with a name tag! If you have any questions or suggestions, shoot us an email at



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