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How to Shop Honest Weight

Shopping at the Co-op is a different experience. We have a massive bulk department, member-owners helping throughout the store, lots of unique food and houseware items, and we work hard to reduce waste and our environmental impact. 

We think different is great! Here are some helpful tips to help make sure that you have a positive shopping experience and leave feeling the same way:

Unlike many co-ops, we ARE open to the public and everyone is welcome to shop at Honest Weight. Come on in, explore, and make your purchases. When you check out, your cashier might ask if you’re a member or if you have a member number. If not, just say no!

If you do choose to become a co-op owner, you will qualify for discounts on all of your purchases and you can combine those discounts with our sales and product coupons to save even more!

All owners get 2% off purchases, plus an additional 5% off a large selection of local items! If you decide to invest some of your time as a member-owner with us, you can earn a great discount, all the way up to 24% off ALL of your purchases. That’s a huge savings that really adds up! (Note: A co-op share is a one-time $100 investment that can be paid in full or in small increments over five years).

We’ve got the largest Bulk Department on the East Coast. Budget-conscious shoppers can find a wide variety of beans, nuts, grains, flours, oils, coffee, and spices. If you bring your own containers, make sure to have them weighed at the Service Desk (we don’t want you to pay for the weight of your container!). We also have free containers and some to purchase if you forget yours. Fill up with as little or as much as you need, and make sure to write down the PLU number for each item.  

We sell both organic and conventional produce and most of it doesn’t have stickers on it, so again make sure to write down the PLU number. There are clipboards at the entrance and Service Desk, twist ties in the Produce section, or put it on your shopping list (some people even take pictures of the stuff they buy frequently). 

Each time you visit the register at the co-op, you'll have the opportunity to round your purchase up to the nearest dollar to support a monthly rotating local not-for-profit organization. Honest Weight chooses organizations with missions aligned with our own as Be the Change partners, and we match the first $500 rasied each month. Together, we can Be the Change we wish to see in the world.

Finding your way around the store can be overwhelming. If you have any questions, please go to the Service Desk or find someone with a name tag – we’re happy to help! We also welcome suggestions, just shoot us an email at



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