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Bylaws Panel

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471.1  Purpose:  The purpose of the Bylaws Panel (Panel) is to evaluate the merits of proposed Bylaws changes and to draft proposed amendments for consideration and possible approval by the Membership.

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To communicate with the Bylaws Panel please email:

Feedback Sessions for Upcoming Revisions

The Bylaws Panel is preparing to propose revisions to the Bylaws at an upcoming membership meeting. Here is the process:

The Bylaws Panel is currently reviewing multiple Bylaws sections. These are being reviewed in feedback sessions and your feedback is important. Check out the following proposed revisions for feedback, and then come to one of the scheduled feedback sessions to discuss them. We want to hear from you!

The Bylaws Panel's proposed revisions for a subsequent Membership Meeting can be viewed here:

Feedback Session dates for these revisions are as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 20, 9 am
  • Thursday, July 22, 7 pm
  • Saturday, July 25, 5 pm
  • Use the BLP meeting Zoom link below to visit a feedback session

Or email your suggestions to the Bylaws Panel

  • Once feedback sessions are over, the final draft of these revisions will be presented at a membership meeting, associated info sessions, and will appear as an agenda item on a membership meeting agenda for approval at a membership meeting. Watch for the finalized proposals and date to vote!

Monthly Meetings:

The Bylaws Panel meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm via Zoom. Meeting dates may vary and be rescheduled. A list of Zoom links for HWFC meeting are here.

The next monthly meeting of the Bylaws Panel will be on

Wednesday July 21 at 7 pm.

Bylaws Panel (BLP) 
Meeting ID: 981 0188 4890
Password: 821236


Panel Members, Appointing Body, and Terms:

  • Daniel Hoh, Membership Committee - Term Expires November 2021
  • Open Seat, Management - Term Expires June 2023
  • Yevette Buddeau, Board of Directors - Term Expires June 2022
  • Saul Rigberg, Governance Review Council - Term Expires November 2022
  • Richard Beer, Membership Committee - Term Expires November 2022
  • Andrea Shaye, Board of Directors - Term Expires June 2023
  • Carolynn Presser, Governance Review Council - Term Expires November 2021
  • Erin Martin, Management - Term Expires June 2022

For questions or comments: email the Bylaws Panel at