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Governance Review Council (GRC)

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Bylaw 470.1 Purpose: The purpose of the Governance Review Council ("GRC") is to promote good governance, which in the context of HWFC means encouraging robust democratic, cooperative processes and structures in order to facilitate fair and open decision-making at all levels of HWFC. 

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To communicate with the GRC please email:


The Governance Review Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the store.

View the agenda for the upcoming meeting (posted here at least one week in advance of the meeting as per the Bylaws. Meeting dates may vary and be rescheduled). Updates will be posted on this page.

View the Open Meeting Ground Rules.

The next GRC Meeting will be held on Monday, February 8th at 7:00pm

Council Members:

  • Janis Adams Chairperson Term Expires October 2021
  • John van Bladel Term Expires October TBD
  • Carolynn Presser Term Expires October TBD
  • Saul Rigberg Term Expires October TBD
  • Brendan Kelly Term expires October 2023

 Board Liasion: Rebecca Dinhofer


The GRC promotes good governance by encouraging democratic, cooperative processes and structures to facilitate fair and open decision making at all levels of HWFC.

The GRC meets monthly to review Board policies and procedures and actions of the Board, to make recommendations to the Board regarding HWFC policies and procedures, to consider alleged violations of HWFC Bylaws by the Board, Management, the Bylaws Panel or Membership and to determine what issues related to the GRC's duties and responsibilities should be brought to the attention of the Board and/or of the entire membership.  In addition, the GRC assists the Board Secretary in maintaining a current record of the Bylaws and of official HWFC policies.

The GRC has provided critical advice about how HWFC’s Bylaws should inform decisions that are made at all levels of governance.