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Governance Review Council (GRC)

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470.1 Purpose: The purpose of the Governance Review Council ("GRC") is to promote good governance, which in the context of HWFC means encouraging robust democratic, cooperative processes and structures in order to facilitate fair and open decision-making at all levels of HWFC. 

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To communicate with the GRC please email:


The Governance Review Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm in the store. 

The next GRC meeting will be held on 11/14/2017 at 6:00 PM.

The agenda for this meeting shall be posted at least one week in advance on this page as per the Bylaws. Meeting dates may vary and be rescheduled. Updates will be posted on this page. 

Most Recent GRC Minutes, Reports and Information

Upcoming Meeting Agenda posted 11/6/2017:

  1. Meeting will be called to order,
  2. New agenda items called from GRC members, meeting guest items will be considered for placing on the agenda at the discretion of the Council,
  3. Agenda Items:
    1. Bylaws Panel discussion as per GR, 
    2. GRC Discussion of SMM,
    3. Bylaws Panel question, 
    4. Jeff Marden: submission of hours, web postings, reports page, and 
    5. CCC questions to the GRC by Laura Hagen, Chair, HWFC Corporate Compliance Committee,
  4. The last 15 minutes of the meeting will have discussion from the floor

Please Note: This agenda may change at the discretion of the GRC.

Council Members:

  • Jeff Marden, Council Chair 
  • Judith Brink
  • Thomas Spargo
  • Chris Gockley 
  • Gene Reilly

 Board Liasion: Daniel Morrissey