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Free Classes and Services at the Co-op

 Upcoming Classes  


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Co-op Cafe Holiday Stress Buster - an Educational Workshop* with Rebecca Chmielewski 
Thursday, November 29th, 6:30-8PM
This workshop will look at what stress does to our bodies and take you through some steps to build resilience, and support optimum health, especially in the midst of the holidays! Community Room

Berkshire Farm Foster Care Information Session
With Karen Bellamy
Sunday, December 2nd, 12:30-1:15pm
Curious about how you can make a difference in the life of a child by providing love, hope, and stability when they need it most? Join Karen of Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth, one of the leading nonprofit child welfare agencies in NYS. She’ll explain how fostering can lead to adoption, and answer all your questions. Light snacks will be provided. Community Room

Albany Food Readers Book Club Meeting
Saturday, December 1st, 7-8:30pm
Love food and reading? The Albany Food Readers is the book club for you! Book topics include farming, agriculture, cooking education, nature, ecology, food history and food science with a goal to promote an active reading community through in person interaction and discussion surrounding the reading, food, and life in general. We’ll be discussing Year of the Cow: How 420 Pounds of Beef Built a Better Life for One American Family by Jared Stone. Get your copy from your local bookstore or library today! Community Room

Energetic Wellness Make and Take
With Abigail Thurston
Monday, December 3rd, 6-7:30pm
In this class, Abigail Thurston of Savvy Holistic Woman will provide easy instruction on ways to protect your energy and lead attendees in crafting easy products to support staying energetically clean and shielded. All participants will make and take a protection spray and body scrub! Teaching Kitchen

Pasta E Fagioli with Ryan
With Ryan Bombard
Wednesday, December 5th, 10am-12pm
Join Ryan of CDSNY and learn to make a warm and nourishing pasta e fagioli, a traditional Italian dish of pasta and beans. We’ll als be baking a side of fresh cornbread. This class is open to the public and offered in partnership with the Center for Disability Services of NY. Teaching Kitchen

LoV (Love of Vegan) Potluck Luncheon
With Ariffa Bevin
Saturday, December 8th, 12:30-2:30pm
All are welcome for our first plant-based potluck at Honest Weight! We’ll enjoy an afternoon of meal sharing, recipe swapping and wonderful community fellowship. Visit to RSVP and if you’d like, sign up to bring a batch or two of your favorite vegan dish. Honest Weight’s skilled chefs will provide their Thai Curry Vegetable & Tofu with Brown Rice & Quinoa Pilaf. This potluck is being organized by Health Coach Ariffa Bevin, who will provide helpful resources and tip sheets. Teaching Kitchen & Community Room

Schodack Sessions Folk Music
Monday, December 10th, 6-8pm
Serving music enthusiasts from beginner through intermediate levels, this monthly group offers basic instruction on playing and singing folk music on various instruments. Everyone is welcome to stop in, have a seat and/or participate! This group meets on the second Monday of each month.
Community Room

Holiday Dishes to Share with Laura
With Laura Rosenthal
Tuesday, December 11th, 10am-12pm
Headed to a holiday party and looking for a shareable appetizer to bring? Join Laura from CDSNY and learn to make a few different options, including baked brie topped with white wine-braised mixed mushrooms and crostinis topped with cannellini beans and capers. Recipes for spanakopita and latkes, as well the brie and crostini will be shared! Teaching Kitchen

Public Meditation with Tibetan Buddhism Albany
Tuesday, December 11th, 7:30-8:30pm
Diamond Way Buddhism appeals to a diverse array of people. This monthly meditation practice on second Tuesdays at Honest Weight is straightforward, and aimed at regular people with busy lives. Come sit, for the first or four-hundredth time! Teaching Kitchen

Cosmetics Made Easy for the Wellness of You
With Latrell Dewitt
Wednesday, December 12th, 1-2:30pm
Join Latrell from Honest Weight’s Wellness team and learn how to create a hydrating moisturizing cream to take home! We’ll enhance the wellness experience by sipping balancing chakra tea and breathing in aromatic essential oils. Teaching Kitchen

Statistics: Trust in Numbers
With Jonathan Skinner
Wednesday, December 12th, 6:30-7:45pm
This stand-alone session will review a book by Theodore Porter. In Trust in Numbers: The Pursuit of Objectivity in Science and Public Life, Porter seeks to answer the question, “What is special about numerical information in science & politics?”  His answer is based on history! No math background needed for or used in the class. Conference Room 

Qi Gong Meditation: Winter Solstice
With Chris Reilly
Wednesday December 12th, 7-8:00pm
Join us for a new monthly session rooted in traditional Taoist Qi Gong (the practices of mastering qi, or the movement of life). This month’s theme is the Winter Solstice, a dynamic period during which qi movement is powerful and deep. The seasonal movement toward the dark, mysterious yin transforms into a movement towards the bright, more active yang as days stop shortening and begin to slowly elongate. This session will be led by Chris Reilly, L.Ac., MSA, an acupuncturist and herbalist of 17 years and student of Taoist Internal Alchemy Qi Gong of over 20 years. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a chair cushion to sit on. Community Room

Holiday Desserts with Ryan LIMIT TO  20 in eventbrite
With Ryan Bombard
Thursday, December 13th, 10am-12pm
Join Ryan in creating a delicious peach cobbler and a sweet potato pie--just in time for holiday festivities! This class is open to the public and offered in partnership with the Center for Disability Services of NY. Teaching Kitchen

Herbs for Everyday Wellness - A Closer Look at Bitters and Adaptogens
Thursday, December 13th, 2-3:00pm
Lata Kennedy, National Educator from Herb Pharm, will be here for an informative session about using bitters and adaptogens to promote health and wellness during the stress of the holidays and throughout the year.* Conference Room

Gingerbread Village for Kids
With Nina Stanley
Saturday, December 15th, 12:30-3:30pm
Join local artist extraordinaire, Nina Stanley, for an afternoon of decorating gingerbread houses. This hands-on class is for kids ages 8+. Registration is required and space is limited. Our younger Co-op friends are invited to drop in and create their own “ginger people” between 12:30-3:30pm. Teaching Kitchen

Singing Bowls
With Bill Leslie
Monday, December 17th, 6 to 7:00pm
Meditation allows the mind to let go of the past and put aside expectations for the future. The sound of singing bowls helps create that pause. Participants in this meditation session are encouraged to bring a cushion or yoga mat to sit on. A limited number of chairs will be available. Please arrive on time for meditation at 6pm. This class takes place on the third Monday of each month. Community Room

HWFC’s Coffeehouse Open Mic
Saturday, December 15th, 7-9:00pm
Join us in the Co-op Cafe on the third Saturday of each month for a night of community music, poetry, and storytelling. Sign up and check in starting at 6:00pm in the Community Room, or just grab a latte and listen to talented members of the HWFC community! This is family friendly event for all ages. Co-op Cafe

Immune Boost! Tips for Winter Wellness
With Dr. Inglis
Wednesday, December 19th, 1-2pm
Looking to boost your immune system and stay well during the winter months? Join Dr. Inglis, a Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Institute for Functional Medicine), for an informative lecture and to answer any questions you may have. Educational handouts will be provided.* Community Room

Detoxing for Beginners - an Educational Workshop
With Rebecca Chmielewski
Thursday, December 27th, 6:30-8pm
This class is perfect for beginners! Learn why detoxing matters, how to tell if you need a detox, and how to fit it into your busy schedule. We will review mistakes most detox beginners make and give tips on how to avoid them. We’ll also give information on how to choose the detox that’s right for YOU and your body.* Community Room

* The information is being provided to you for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace the guidance of your healthcare practitioner.


Please contact Deanna Beyer, Education Coordinator, with any questions: 518.482.2667 ext. 219 or 

Weekly Practitioner Services

Reserve a session at our Service Desk or by calling (518) 482-2667

Healing Touch with Richard Sahr, Mondays, 11AM-2PM
Healing Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners consciously use their hands in a heart-centered and intentional way. Sign up for a session at our Service Desk.

Therapeutic Touch with Nancy Brandt, Mondays, 12-3PM
Therapeutic touch is a research-based energy healing modality which promotes a relaxation response and supports our innate capacity for self-healing. Great with helping chronic pain and emotional distress. Sign up at the Service Desk. 

Health Coaching with Andrea Hollinger, Certified Health Coach, Mondays, 12:30-3:30PM
A health coach is a guide and mentor who empowers you and provides ongoing support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness. Together, you and Andrea will identify goals and work towards achieving those goals in small steps to allow for sustainable change and better health. Teaching Kitchen

Deep Tissue Massage with Melissa Enslin, LMT, Tuesdays, 10AM-1PM
Sign up at the service desk to enjoy a 15-minute relaxing session.

Nutritional Counseling with Hollan Bonjukian, Wednesdays, 8:30-9:30AM From Fear to Freedom; learn how to use dietary fats to become fat adapted and break the sugar addiction. This is an opportunity to discover dietary freedom through fats from a nutrition expert, athletic trainer and compassionate coach.

Homeopathy Instruction with Meg Crossett, Wednesdays from 10am-1pm.
Autumn is a great time to invest in your health! Homeopathy is a system used to raise the vital force of a person through the use of natural remedies that are meant to trigger the body’s natural defenses using the principle that “like cures like.” A complete history will be gathered and homeopathic remedies will be suggested. It is expected that attendees will follow-up one or two times over a six month period. This consultation is not meant to diagnose, treat or prescribe for any disease, injury, disability or condition. Sign up at our Service Desk for a 90 minute session at 10am or 11:30am

Guitar Lessons with Vartan Bonjukian, Thursdays, 2-5PM One-on-one lessons! Bring your electric or acoustic guitaror use Vartan’s for a simple 45-minute tutorial. Sign up at the Service Desk.

¡Bebé Spanish! with Castle Island Bilingual Montessori Fridays, 10-11:00am
Join toddler teacher and native Spanish speaker Miss Lili of Castle Island Bilingual Montessori for a Spanish play group for parents and toddlers. Miss Lili will guide children between the ages of 18 and 36 months old and their parents through Montessori hands-on activities. This class will be held from 10-11:00am every Friday in November except 11/23. Community Room.

Feng Shui Every Way with Laura Lee Ross, Fridays 5-8PM Visit with Laura Lee to learn how to balance the energy of your home, your outfits, and other aesthetic concerns. Balance the energy of your life. Bring your floor plan, photos, or ideas! 

Herbal Health Consultations, Saturdays 9:30AM-12:30PM Join Stacey Magliaro to learn more about the use of herbs and diet for aging well, health issues, and in helping individuals regain lost vitality. Sign up at the Service Desk.

Monthly Drop-in Sessions

No need to register for these monthly sessions. Just drop in!

Folk guitar and Ukulele Group, Second Mondays, 6-8PM This instructional workshop is tailored to equip, inspire and encourage participants to competently make and talk the language of music. Drop in!

Public Meditation Class with Diamond Way Buddhism, Second Tuesdays, 7:30-8:30PM This monthly meditation practice at HWFC is straightforward and aimed at regular people with busy lives. Beginners are welcome!

Singing Bowls with Bill Leslie, Third Mondays, 6-7:00PM  Meditation allows the mind to let go of the past and put aside expectations for the future. The sound of singing bowls helps create that pause. Participants in this meditation session are encouraged to bring a cushion or yoga mat to sit on. A limited number of chairs will be available. Please arrive on time for meditation at 6pm.

Weekly Drop-in Sessions

No need to register. Just drop in!

Conversational French with Martha, Sundays, 5:30-7pm. Drop by our Community Room and join in this meetup for French speakers at all levels.  

Sunday Morning Yoga with Katherine Nadeau, Sundays, 11AM-12PM Greet the new week with grace and energy in a mindful yoga practice.  All levels welcome. Please bring a mat and water with you, dress comfortably, and bring any props you need. 

Conversational Spanish with Melanie Porés, Mondays, 10-11AM Drop by our Café and join in this meetup for Spanish speakers at all levels.  

Body Fat & Blood Pressure Screening, Tuesdays, 11AM-1PM Personal trainer, Jeff Miller, will test your body fat and blood pressure and translate those numbers into usable information about your health.  At Service Desk.

Co-op Family Group, Wednesdays, 10AM-12PM A weekly family group that has been meeting at Honest Weight since 2006 to discuss a whole host of topics pertaining to natural parenting choices. Kids are welcome! 

Yoga for Parkinson’s, Thursdays, 10:30-11:30AM A gentle yet motivating chair yoga class designed to inspire mind/body ease and enhance daily functioning for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers.

Knit & Stitch, Fridays, 12-2PM  Knit & Stitch is for people at all levels of expertise, those with skills to share and others who wish to learn, in a setting of camaraderie and conversation. Drop in anytime!