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Honest Slate Newsletter


Honest Slate is available in several formats to provide maximum reader accessibility, including text-only and tablet-friendly versions.  To request this month’s newsletter as a text-only document, please email with “Slate Text Version" in the subject line.

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About Honest Slate:

Honest Slate is a monthly HWFC-sponsored newsletter published online and in print focusing on all aspects of the Honest Weight community.

Each issue publishes contributions from Membership, Staff, Management, and Governance with the goal of promoting transparency, reporting news without bias, and sustaining community.

Produced jointly by the Communications Committee—a team of writers, editors and publications professionals who are Honest Weight Member-Owners—and the Member-Owner Coordinator, Honest Slate strives to be a dynamic, relevant platform for communication among all connected with HWFC.

To inquire about submissions, contact

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Past Editions of Honest Slate are archived below:

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