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We strive to offer local and organic produce whenever possible.

The More You Know

Our wide selection of fruits and vegetables is well marked with signs and/or labels indicating point of origin and growing method for each of our products.  You can easily tell if the peaches are local or the tomatoes organic. At the Co-op, we know that the where and how of your food is as important as what it is.

How local? 

Local farming is important to us and we buy as much as possible from farmers within a 100 mile radius of our store. But to provide the quality and variety of local foods our customers expect, we also purchase from farms within a 250 mile radius as necessary. This not only expands the number of local, family farms we support, but provides our customers with a bigger variety of healthy, nutritious, environmentally friendly local grown foods. 

Local Organic, Natural & Responsible Produce

Even in the cold of winter, our produce department has far more local products than any other store in the Capital District - and the choices increase on a regular basis. Our local apple selection alone includes more than 60 varieties a year!

Of course, not all produce can be found locally - we have yet to find an upstate banana grower! But whatever produce we offer, locally grown or imported, Honest Weight will always have a sign and/or label on each product telling you where and how it was grown.  That way you'll know if the bell pepper you buy is from Schenectady - or Holland - and whether or not it was organically grown.


Just as we do our best to offer a large selection of local and organic produce, the Co-op also works hard to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. As a result, our organic prices are often very close to those of conventionally grown produce, helping all our customers eat healthier, more nutritious foods.

Great food at affordable prices - that's what Honest Weight provides our customers year round. Check out our Fresh Deals sales flier, featuring organic produce at affordable prices, here.