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Current Sales Flyers!
Stretch your dollars with our Great Deals! and Fresh Deals! sales flyers! You can find them online and in our store.
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Cheese Platters, Appetizers, Salads, Entrees, Sides & Sweets - everything you need for your next party!

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So many cleaning products on the market today are chemical concoctions that wreak havoc on both the environment and human health. Even those cleaners that are touted as eco-friendly contain...
Biodegradable Packaging for Our New Sliced Watermelon    You’ve probably noticed that Honest Weight isn't your average grocery store. We're one of around 150 cooperatively-owned grocers in the United States, governed through...
Summer squash season is upon us, and if you have even one of these prolific plants in your garden, you're likely finding yourself inundated with these yellow and green veggies....

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