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Our Mission

Acting ethically and responsibly is very important at Honest Weight Co-op.  

Mission Statement

Honest Weight is a member owned and operated consumer cooperative that is committed to providing the community with affordable, high quality natural foods and products for healthy living. Our mission is to promote more equitable, participatory and ecologically sustainable ways of living. We welcome all who choose to participate in a community which embraces cooperative principles, shares resources, and creates economic fairness in an atmosphere of cooperation and respect for humanity and the earth.

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View Honest Weight's current bylaws.
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Statements of Conscience

  • We are committed to our food policy, which reflects buying practices for food and body aids with consideration towards moral and ethical production, environmental stewardship, healthy living, and safety.
  • We are committed to helping our community learn more about growing, choosing, preparing, and using natural foods.
  • We are committed to learning and teaching about alternative ways of living that are healthy for ourselves, our community, and our planet.
  • We are committed to encouraging an environment where ideas and philosophies can be generated, shared, and expressed freely.
  • We support, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our community.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with knowledgeable staff and a positive shopping environment.
  • We are committed to donating five percent (5%) of our net profits per year to local non-profit organizations.