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Grow your Co-op with your friends!

Help create the community you love! Refer your friends to join as owners and receive time investment hours towards discount! Help owners get into investing time and receive bonus time investment hours towards your own discount as well!

Honest Weight wants to reward owners and member-onwers who are great ambassadors helping get the word out about our community and homegrown grocery store.

We've got two friendly programs to help! 

Owner Referral Program

Any member-owner (MO) or owner who brings in a friend who becomes an owner can receive 3 hours of time investment credit. Once the referred person has completed the joining process to be an HWFC owner, the new owner and referring member-owner will collaborate to submit the following super-brief form.

Click here to submit the Referral Form to get your MO hours!


Member-Owner Mentorship Program

Any owner or member-owner can jump in with this one if you know someone who is a new owner at HWFC (hint hint referrers!). 

You’ve referred someone to the Co-op. Lo and behold, that person joined! Hurrah! Let’s keep that great work going by helping them to feel connected at the Co-op and supported in their Member-Owner time investment. 

Here are easy ways to stay in touch with anyone you’ve referred and to guide them while they invest time over the next several months. You will receive an hour for each month that you reach out to the MO for up to six months! 

*A quick phone call. A friendly check-in to see how it’s going can go a long way in MO retention and engagement. 

*Meet the person at the store to give them a tour. Don’t forget to sign in! You’ll both receive hours for this. 

*Help them become familiar with the website so they can find MO opportunities and updates. You could do this over the phone, sure. But you could also meet them at the cafe with a laptop or phone to go through some web pages together. If meeting at the cafe, the both of you should sign in! (Don’t forget to sign out, of course.)

*Coordinate shifts so that you’re both investing time concurrently. It is the Co-op, after all. The fun is doubled when our connections are invested in!

Remember–you may not have an answer to all questions, but you can model how to find answers! How? Take them through the website or review the Member-Owner Manual together. 

Then, offer a suggestion on reaching out. For example, if they want to know about Wellness Department flexibility, direct them to contact info for the department manager or a staff person. (Hint: it’s on the website! It’s also available by calling the department or walking up to the Wellness counter.) 

Please remember that department heads are happy to hear from us and do want MOs investing time in their departments, but they’re also carrying out many tasks needed to manage our Co-op; so please try to make questions as concise as possible before reaching out. 

Mentors! If you have questions, please reach out to the Membership Committee at Happy mentoring!

Submit your hours request here for mentoring an MO