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Organic, Local, Natural, and Ethical Food and Products


In today's culture of ready-to-eat and food-on-the-go, we invite you to peruse our huge bulk department and enjoy the colors, textures and scents. Here you can get all of the whole and natural ingredients you need to make...well, just about anything!

In our Bulk Department, you can buy as much as you want or as little as you need. A teaspoon of nutmeg? No problem. A fifty pound bag of all-purpose flour? We can do that, and we'll help you carry it to your car.

With everything from popular favorites like freshly-ground peanut butter and coffee to items you’ve been meaning to try, like avocado oil or brown rice pasta, you won’t believe what you can get with 20 bucks. That’s because our bulk foods use less packaging, processing and labor. That saves us money so we can pass the savings directly on to you. Just scoop and save.


At Honest Weight, we value the kind of transparency that lets you know exactly where your food is coming from, what went into its production, and who the farmers are that grew it. We are lucky to live in an area with a rich agricultural tradition and dedicated growers, committed to treating their animals and land with respect. We strive to offer information on the benefits of buying and cooking ethically raised meats and seafood, inform on the impact on the environment and our health, and to generally be available as a local resource. 

Sustainable Seafood

Buying seafood can be a little tricky—there are so many varieties and so many factors! Which is better, farmed or wild-caught? What about protecting the dolphins? And trawling? And sushi! What’s safe to eat?


Honest Weight's Grocery Department is stocked with all the basics you're used to, plus new and hard-to-find natural food items. What you won't find is anything containing high fructose corn syrup, artifical colors, or anything else on our Banned List.

These are not store brand groceries, but organic, local and fair trade groceries - and Honest Weight is one of the only places in the Capital Region where you can find them in a selection this large. That's because at the Co-op we support responsibility, environmental awareness and health.

Refrigerated Dairy

All our eggs are cage-free, humanely-raised, local from within 100 miles, and delivered fresh weekly.
We believe that farm fresh eggs are better, whether for Easter dyeing or breakfast frying. Our eggs are delivered weekly from 16 upstate New York farms, all within 100 miles of our store. We’re not just talking good eggs, we’re talking egg-cellent eggs.

Beer & Cider

Amber. IPA. Lager. Cider. Lambic. Pale Ale. Stout. Porter. Brown. Session Ale. Wheat. Sour. Saison. Farmhouse. We've got it all.Amber. IPA. Lager. Cider. Lambic. Pale Ale. Stout. Porter. Brown. Session Ale. Wheat. Sour. Saison. Farmhouse. We've got it all.

Tourisme Dentaire

We pride ourselves in offering over 50 feet of specialty craft beers and ciders from right here in Albany to Belgium, France, Ireland, and other beer-brewin' countries!

We have a great selection of gluten-free beers, plenty of ciders, and lots of local craft brews. Grab a single can for after your shopping trip, a four or six pack to take to a friend's, or a 750ml bomber of a Belgian wheat or French lambic to share at a dinner party.


We emphasize brands that are hyper-local, ethically driven, and that have strong values and socially responsible missions. We carry a wide variety of products to help maintain and work towards a healthier lifestyle. We never carry inhumane products, anything with parabens, or other ingredients on our Banned List.


We strive to offer local and organic produce whenever possible.We strive to offer local and organic produce whenever possible. Our wide selection of fruits and vegetables is well marked with signs and/or labels indicating point of origin and growing method for each of our products.  You can easily tell if the peaches are local or the tomatoes organic. At the Co-op, we know that the where and how of your food is as important as what it is.

Cheese & Specialty Foods


Plants & Garden Supplies

Our knowledgeable, energetic, and extremely dedicated team of employees and member-owners strive to provide a diverse selection of plants to meet the wants and needs of our customers. The Department encompasses areas within the Co-op year-round, and outdoors during the planting and growing seasons. We base our purchases on several factors, including: what is in season, what is new, what customers are requesting, what we know our customers will want, what is simply intriguing, what our farmers/growers are featuring, along with other notes/requests gathered daily. We are happy to also try to special order plants for people!

Co-op Cafe and Deli

Our food is made fresh from scratch using only natural ingredients, following our strict buying policies, which you can read about in our Food & Product Manual. We always offer vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free alternatives. Our chefs use organic ingredients whenever feasible, and have partnered with local farms to provide us with our eleven most-used fruits and vegetables throughout the summer. See our daily hot bar menu!


Organic Juice Bar

Did you know our Juice and Smoothie Bar uses only organic and fair trade ingredients? Or that we have ginger and wheatgrass shots and weekly specials with seasonal ingredients,? Plus, you can add CBD to any juice or smoothie! See the full menu here!

Coffee Bar

Every day, we offer a selection of light to dark roast coffees, herbal teas, seasonal specialty drinks that change weekly. Every day, we offer a selection of light to dark roast coffees, locally blended teas, seasonal specialty drinks that change weekly. See the full menu here!


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