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Ways to Save

We’re on a mission to make healthy, nutritious food more affordable for everyone. 

Let’s just get it out on the table — local, organic, fair-trade food is often perceived as a high-end luxury. Sometimes, it’s true: food that was produced locally or in small batches, raised organically or without the use of chemicals, growth hormones, antibiotics often costs more and we don't allow food with those ingredients into our store.  You might be surprised to learn that with a little planning, the Co-op is one of the best places around to stretch your food dollars. Here are some ways you can save every day at Honest Weight:

Shop the Sales

We have two sales flyers: the weekly Fresh Flyer features amazing sales on organic produce (often making it more affordable than conventional produce here and at other stores), all-natural and sustainable Meat and Seafood, local and boutique Cheese and Specialty Foods, and our in-house Kitchen offerings, which are made from scratch daily or brought in from local bakeries and restaurants.

Our Great Deals Flyer changes every other Wednesday and features great savings on our impressive Grocery, Bulk, Gifts, and Wellness Departments.

Co-op Basics Everyday Low Prices

Providing healthy food at affordable prices is part of our mission, and Co-op Basics is one way we do that on a daily basis. We're working to redefine the "everyday low price" to prove that all of the good stuff can be made affordable for all of the good people, all of the time. Co-op Basics includes over 450 pantry staples and household items — from our Field Day brand which is always organic and non-GMO, to our very own Honest Weight Vitamin & Minerals, we try to price Co-op Basics items below comparable products at other grocery stores.

Discount Days for Students and Seniors

Honest Weight offers an 8% discount to Seniors on Wednesdays and to Students on Sundays! Click the link for details.

Shop the Bulk Department

We’ve got the largest Bulk Department on the East Coast! Budget-conscious shoppers can find a wide variety of beans, nuts, grains, flours, and spices. Bring your own containers and buy only what you need, which will help prevent food waste and keep costs down, too!

Choose Low-Cost Sources of Protein or Go Meatless

Use inexpensive protein sources like beans, lentils, eggs, yogurt, tofu, and peanut butter in your cooking. Making plant-based or meatless meals a few times a week can help you save money and eat well within your budget.

Eat What’s in Season

We buy direct from over 285 local farms during the growing season. That keeps things fresh and costs down. In winter, we have tons of root vegetables and fresh citrus is in season, making it cheaper and more delicious than any other time of year.

Coupons & Manager’s Specials

You can also find Honest Weight Coupons in the Savings Source and Clipper and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and sign up for our Newsletter for notices of online coupons!

Join us!

Become a Co-op Owner and qualify for a discount on all of your purchases, as well as an additional 5% off many local items. If you have time, you can invest it in the store as a Member-Owner for an even greater discount of up to 24%! Ask for the details at our service desk or learn more here!

Be Prepared

  • Plan your meals for the week and make a shopping list before coming to the Co-op. Take all of the tips above into account while you’re doing your planning!
  • Check out all of the sales in the Great Deals and Fresh Flyer so you can stock up on all of your favorites while products are on sale.
  • Look for Manager’s Specials and shelf coupons throughout the store for extra savings.
  • Order the things you use most by the case and get up to 10% off!

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