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How to Shop the Bulk Department

Economical and Eco-friendly, Buying in Bulk Can Expand Your Culinary Horizons

1. Bring your own empty and clean container and have it weighed and dated at the service desk when you enter the store...


If you forget your containers, don’t worry! We have a selection of bags, jars, bottles, and tubs available for free or for purchase.

2. You’ll have to write down the PLU for every bulk item you purchase. You’ll find stations with scoops, pencils, stickers, and scales in every aisle of the Bulk Department. Jot down the PLU for each item, either on a sticker, a clipboard from the Service Desk, or in your own notebook or phone!

That's it! Have any questions? Just ask a friendly Bulk Department worker, or have someone at the Service Desk find you a helper. 

More tips...

  • Check out the recipe spinner in the Bulk Department for ideas on how to use usual and unusual ingredients!
  • Something you’re looking for that we don’t have? We may be able to special order it through our distributor. If so, we’ll likely get it in the next day!
  • Did you know you can buy bulk in bulk, and at a discounted rate? Buy a whole package of an item, like a 50 lb. bag of flour, and you’ll get 10% off! (Sorry, this discount doesn’t apply to sale items or on top of other discounts)
  • Use our Bulk PLU finder if you get home and can't remember whether 4257 is baking soda or baking powder. Find it here!

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