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Member-Owner Meetings

Sunday, June 23rd, 6:00pm 

Results of June 23, 2019 Membership Meeting Vote

We were happy to see 161 Member-Owners in attendance at tonight's Membership Meeting.  

Thank you all for joining us at our Membership Meeting

The results of the votes, pending the outcome of the review of one provisional ballot, were as follows:

  • Resolve that we adopt the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020:

141 Ballots were cast

139  Member-Owners voted yes to approve the proposed budget

2  Member-Owners voted no to reject the proposed budget

The proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2020 has been approved.


  • Member-Owner Manual Group 1 Revision:

Resolve that M-O Manual Section II.D.1. - Owner Discounts - be revised  to state:

Owners who are current in ownership interest payments earn a 2% discount (or 5% for Owners age 65 or older) on purchases. Owners receive an additional 5% discount when they purchase products in our Local program. Not all local products are in this program. Produce and Meat Departments do not participate in the Local program. 

Resolve that M-O Manual Section II.D.2. - Member-Owner Discounts - be revised to state:

Recognizing that joint endeavors promote cooperative spirit, the Co-op has adopted a policy of encouraging participation by awarding discounts on store purchases to Member-Owners for their time investments.

Resolve that M-O Manual Section II.E.1. - Time Investment Opportunities at HWFC - be revised to state:

A wide range of opportunities are available. Most Member-Owners choose to invest time in one of the store's departments. These include:....

137 Ballots were cast

136  Member-Owners voted yes to amend Sections II.D.1., II.D.2. & II.E.1

1  Member-Owners voted no to not amend Sections II.D.1., II.D.2. & II.E.1


  • Member-Owner Manual Group 2 Revision:

Resolve the M-O Manual Section II.E.1. - Time Investment Opportunities at HWFC - be revised to state:

You may also fulfill your commitment by participating in special projects such as mailing, writing for one of the HWFC publications, giving demonstrations, or other pop-up opportunities. You may also suggest new projects that utilize your particular skills and that contribute to the operation of the store and promote cooperative values.

Resolve that M-O Manual Section I.E. - Keeping you informed - be revised to state:

The Board and the Member-Owner Coordinator communicate with Member-Owners through regular emails. A flier containing shopping coupons for use in the store is also available near the store entrance. Information relating to the Co-op and the broader cooperative community is posted on several bulletin boards in the store and is also available via digital and print publications. 

Now that you have purchased an ownership interest in Honest Weight, you may select the option to have notifications and publications sent electronically if you complete an Owner Email Consent form. All personal information will be used only within the Co-op, and will not be given to outside parties. 

136 Ballots were cast

134  Member-Owners voted yes to amend Sections II.E.1. & I.E.

2  Member-Owners voted no to not amend Sections II.E.1 & I.E.


  • M-O Manual Group 3 Revision:

Resolve that M-O Manual Section II.E.1. - Time Investment Opportunities at HWFC - be revised to state:

Member-Owners can learn about current investment opportunities at the Customer Service Desk, on the Co-op's website, and via email to the Member-Owner Coordinator (MOC). Member-Owners should arrange time investments with individual departments. You may also contact the Member-Owner Coordinator for assistance. Information about special projects may also be publicized on the website, via HWFC emails, or posted in the store. Contact committees directly if you are interested in joining their efforts.

Settling into a time investment opportunity may take a bit of time, and the goal is to find something that you will enjoy doing that benefits the Co-op. It's best to contact the department that you are interested in, or the Member-Owner Coordinator, by phone, e-mail, or by coming to the store, if you have questions about a time-investment.

137 Ballots were cast

135  Member-Owner voted yes to amend Section II.E.1

2  Member-Owners voted no to not amend Section II.E.1


All of the proposed Member-Owner Manual Revisions have passed.


Thank you to all who joined us!


Currently Scheduled 2019 General Membership Meetings:

  • Sunday, June 23rd
  • Sunday, October 27th

If circumstances require additional meetings other than those listed here, the dates and times will be posted when they become available.

Orientation Meetings:

For those who wish to offer time and skills to Honest Weight, orientations are held several times each month, and are about three hours long. The Co-op will make a personal appointment for you if you cannot make any of our regularly scheduled orientations, or if you are a person with special needs who would be better served by a private orientation.

Orientation schedules may be found at the Service Desk or you may request one by emailing Please stop by or call the Service Desk at 518-482-2667 x 270 to register.  To request a private appointment, please email the Member-Owner Coordinator at

See Past Meeting Minutes