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Member-Owner Meetings

Next Meeting & Board Elections:
Sunday, April 28th, 
6:00 - 9:00 pm 
Ramada Albany, 3 Watervliet Avenue Extension

Six seats will be opening on our Board of Directors and votiing will take place at the April 28th Membership Meeting. If you are a Member Owner and have questions about your eligibility to vote or serve on the Board, contact Yevette at
Join us for a dessert potluck and to meet the candidates before the meeting from 5:00-5:45pm in the Community Room at Honest Weight. Please bring a healthy snack or a dessert item to share. HWFC will provide beverages. Please take care crossing Watervliet Ave. and Watervliet Ave. Extension if you walk from the Co-op to the meeting. 

Currently Scheduled 2019 General Membership Meetings:

If circumstances require additional meetings other than those listed here, the dates and times will be posted when they become available.

Orientation Meetings:

For those who wish to offer time and skills to Honest Weight, orientations are held several times each month, and are about three hours long. The Co-op will make a personal appointment for you if you cannot make any of our regularly scheduled orientations, or if you are a person with special needs who would be better served by a private orientation.

Orientation schedules may be found at the Service Desk or you may request one by emailing Please stop by or call the Service Desk at 518-482-2667 x 270 to register.  To request a private appointment, please email the Member-Owner Coordinator at

See Past Meeting Minutes


HWFC Regular Membership Meeting
Sunday, April 28, 2019 
Ramada Albany, 3 Watervliet Avenue Extension
If walking from HWFC please use crosswalk located at the light at the intersection of Watervliet Ave & Watervliet Ave Ext to access the sidewalk.
5:00 - 5:45 pm
6:00 - 9:00 pm  
In the Community Room at the Co-op
• Meet the Candidates
• Dessert Potluck, and opportunity for conversation. Please bring a healthy snack or a dessert item to share. HWFC will provide beverages.
Membership Meeting
10 minutes
Financial and Operational Update: Presentation
10 minutes
Governance Review Council (GRC) Update: Presentation
5 minutes
Membership Committee:Presentation                                                            
5 minutes
Bylaws Revision Petition:
Presentation, Q & A, and Vote
25 minutes
Based on Member-Owner Petition: Resolve that section 410.3(b) of the Bylaws which states “No more than two employees may serve on the Board at any given time.” be amended to state “No more than three employees may serve on the Board at any given time.”
Statements regarding this Bylaws Petition are included below, posted in the Co-op, and online at
Election for Six (6) Seats on the Board of Directors: Q & A and Vote
110 minutes
Applications from Eligible Candidates have been posted in the Co-op and online since April 8 at
There will be a call for nominations from the floor.
The schedule of Meet the Candidates sessions is posted online & in the store.
Wednesday, April 17th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in the Community Room
Thursday, April 25th from 5:30 - 7:00 pm in the Community Room
Sunday, April 28th from 5:00 - 5:45 pm in the Community Room
Open discussion for 15 minutes until adjournment 
15 minutes
If you have questions regarding your voting eligibility, contact Member-Owner Coordinator Yevette Buddeau at or 482-2667 x104 three days PRIOR to the meeting to confirm that your name is on the voting list.
A successful Co-op depends on the active support and participation of the membership. Member-Owner participation is the most significant part of our ability to successfully govern the Co-op. Our bylaws require a quorum to start the meeting and vote. We encourage you to come out and be a part of the Co-op discussion. Get involved and vote.
If you would like assistance in arranging carpooling contact Yevette Buddeau at or 482-2667 x 104 by April 19, 2019.
Guidelines for voting: Once a quorum is reached (no official business can be conducted until we have adequate representation of eligible voters) the meeting will be called to order. At that time, the agenda will proceed in the order shown above. A ballot box for each vote will be opened at the end of each presentation. Ballot boxes, once opened, will remain open until the meeting is adjourned.
 Bylaws Revision Petitioners Statement:
The first sentence in the section of HWFC's Bylaws that deals with the Board is as follows: "The Board shall be composed of nine Directors" (410.1). It has been 30 months since restrictions on staff serving on the Board were added to HWFC's Bylaws. For the past 24 consecutive months, Honest Weight has failed to sustain a full board of 9 directors, and for most of that time we've had fewer than 8. We've had one unscheduled cancellation due to a failure to reach quorum.
As Member Owners of Honest Weight, our role in the governance of our store is greater than that of members of many other coops. As stated in the Bylaws section 330.1, we have "ultimate authority and responsibility regarding the operation of HWFC." We "delegate authority to the Board and management." Our Membership, via our Board, is intimately involved in running our Co-op, which means our directors do real work. It is an enormous task entailing commitment and responsibility, and
our Bylaws specify that it takes 9.
In the interest of securing our model of governance, with its responsibilities and demands, we are seeking to expand the pool of eligible Member Owners slightly by raising--from 2 to 3--the number of Member Owners who are also staff permitted to serve on the Board at once. We can better avail ourselves of the tremendous resources we have in our staff, and allow ourselves more freedom in electing our preferred candidates.
Board Majority’s Statement of Support:
The Board considered the following factors and voted by a majority to support the proposed Bylaw change:
• Limiting the number of Employees on the Board has the effect of disenfranchising Member-Owners, who also happen to be Employees, who want to serve in governance, and such disenfranchisement is not democratic.
• Member-Owners are capable of evaluating each candidate as an individual and can decide whether or not to elect a candidate to the Board based on each candidate’s merits, qualifications, and positions on issues relevant to governance of HWFC.
• Conflicts of interest may arise for any Director, regardless if they are Employees or not, and the mere possibility that a conflict of interest may arise on any number of issues is not a barrier to service on the Board for Member-Owners in general.
While weighing these considerations, the Board acknowledged the dedication of HWFC Employees who both work in the store and have committed money and time to invest in HWFC as Member-Owners in order to support and engage in the cooperative mission of our Co-op. Ultimately, in recognition of that commitment, the Board voted to support greater governance participation by Member-Owner Employees
Board’s Dissenting Statement:
The current limit of two Employees out of nine Directors on the Board creates proportional representation of almost 200 Employees (with less than 100 as Member-Owners) compared with a possible 1000 voting Member-Owners.
GRC Recommendation to Bylaws Panel for October 23, 2016 Bylaws Revision:
Section 410 of the Bylaws should be amended to prohibit managers from serving on the Board and to allow only two staff members to serve on the Board at any one time. The presence of managers on the Board creates an inherent conflict of interest and undermines the appearance of an independent Board.
While the membership has voted to elect staff members to the Board, we believe that any more than two staff members at any one time may make it impossible for the Board to act under some circumstances since staff/ Board members will have to recuse themselves from certain budgetary, management and personnel decisions.