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Join Honest Weight

You can own a part of the largest food co-op in the Capital District!

When you join Honest Weight, you become an Owner of the Capital Region's most successful food cooperative. You'll be pooling resources with thousands of others who believe in healthy food and healthy living, so that you can provide natural foods, healthy products, and supportive services to your family and your local community. 

Benefits of becoming an Owner:

  • Discounts on all your purchases, including whole and nutritious foods, wellness products, garden products, and more
  • Learn about health and nutrition through newsletter articles, classes, and mutual exchange
  • Support local, small-scale farming
  • Encourage sound ecological practices
  • Receive discounts from local businesses who participate in our Co-op Connections program
  • Additional case discounts when qualified - check at the customer service desk for more information
  • Become a Member-Owner by investing time and effort in Honest Weight
  • In addition to all of the above, Member-Owners have the right to vote at all Membership Meetings, run for the Board, and serve on committees, as long as time investment hours are current

See this page to contact us today or go to our How to Join page for more information.