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Bulk Foods

We have 999 items in our Bulk Department which makes us one of the largest in the northeast! *

Organic, natural, local bulk coffee, spices, and more

Come buy exactly what you need - be it a pinch or a pound.

Because the Co-op started out as a bulk foods buying club back in 1976, bulk foods have always been one of our largest departments. 

Now it's even bigger than ever and one of the most affordable ways to shop and eat healthily. You choose exactly how much or how little food you buy.


If you get home and forgot what you bought in our Bulk Department -
you can use this form to find out what it is

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Our bulk foods department has hundreds of local, organic, gluten free and so many other kinds of products:

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Our Bulk Foods Department is so easy to shop. 
Buy the exactly how much you need - be it a pinch or a pound!

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* We have 999 items in our Bulk Department as of 12/2016. Items available will change according to product availability.