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How Do We Love Cheese? Let Us Count the Wheys

Cut to Order!

Cheese comes to us in all shapes and sizes, sometimes in wheels that weigh in at over 70 pounds! We parse out many of our offerings into more manageable serving sizes, and would be happy to cut you off a differently-sized piece if we don’t have just what you’re looking for.

We Love Local

Over 60% of our total cheeses are from within 250 miles of Honest Weight, and many are from within 100 miles. We visit our local farmers and cheesemakers to talk with their humans, meet their animals, and, naturally, taste their products. It’s all part of loving local.

Meet Your Maker!

We regularly invite cheesemakers and chefs in to our Cheese & Specialty Department to demonstrate their skills, answer questions, describe their processes, and hand out recipes and samples. Look for announcements on our Facebook and website so you can happen to be here when they are...

Putting the Special in Specialty

A little like stumbling across a boutique Italian or French grocery in the city, at Honest Weight you’ll find imported cheese and specialty items that no one else around carries, plus products from over 46 Artisan Cheesemakers in upstate New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts!

Try ItYou’ll Like It!

You’ll always find a few cheeses out for sampling in our Cheese & Specialty Department. And if there’s something you want to try, we can slice you off a piece of any cut cheese to try before you buy!

Get the Good Stuff for Less

Our Fresh Deals sales flyers are updated weekly, with new cheeses and specialty items on sale all the time. With our Cheese of the Month program and Honest Weight coupons, there are always ways to save!

We Make Our Own Mozz!

Several times a week, our very own John Morehouse stretches and kneads warm Maplebrook Farm’s cheese curd, adds salt, and forms it by hand into balls of fresh mozzarella. Enjoy as a snack, in a salad, or on homemade pizza!

We Go To Cheese School So You Don’t Have To

We don’t expect everyone to know everything about cheese—that’s why we have professionals to teach you! Our knowledgeable team can tell you what you might like based on your tastes, what to pair with what, and how and where different cheeses are made.

Invite Us To Your Next Party!

We’ve got the art of cheese platters down pat. Tell us how many you’re expecting and what types of cheeses you definitely do or don’t want, and we’ll craft a beautiful and delicious arrangement for you and your guests.

Cheese of the Month

Each month, we highlight a local cheese we love. September's is locally made Asgaard Farm & Dairy Gladsheim Gouda. Save $4 per pound on this creamy goat's milk gouda!

Learn to Pair Like a Pro!

Ask our Cheesemongers what would go great with your cheese! Plus, our Mongers occasionally share their knowledge with free cooking and cheese-pairing classes--check out our full class schedule here.

Moo York, Moo York

Try Honest Weight’s exclusive 1-year cheddar, created by our cheesemongers with Butternuts Beer & Ale Moo Thunder Stout. Great alone or melted on comfort food, it has a creamy texture and smooth malty flavor.

Order Cheese Platters online for your next party or event!



Some of our most popular Cheese and Specialty items include:

Old Croc 18 month extra sharp cheddar
2 year Parmigiano Reggiano
New Zealand Grassfed Sharp Cheddar
Maplebrook Farms Housemade Mozzarella
Four Fat Fowl St. Stephen
R&G Cheese Company Fresh Mozzarella
Dutch Masters Rembrandt Gouda
Beemster Goat Gouda
Cypress Grove Midnight Moon
Emmi Gruyere Reserve
Valbreso French Feta
Saratoga Chocolate Company
Umbriaco Prosecco
Ines Rosales Tortas
Cowgirl Creamery cheeses
Rogue Creamery blue cheeses
Comte Elegance of France AOC
Brie Tour De Marze
Maplebrook Farms Burrata
Amarena Fabri wild cherries

Honest Weight's exclusive Vermont Cheese Company Moo York Stout Cheddar

and our delicious olive bar!