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Cheese & Specialty Foods

Inside the Co-op is another store - our gourmet selection of specialty foods and cheeses.

Gourmet Cheese, Albany, NY

It's true. When you walk into our cheese and specialty foods department it's as if you entered an exciting and different kind of market. It is a market filled with a huge variety of wonderful cheeses and special gourmet delights from around the world.

There's an open invitation to come in and have a taste. Our staff loves to share samples and talk cheese and gourmet food. 

Organic Cheese, Albany NYMany of the local products in this department are the finest available anywhere in the Capital Region and are often available only at the Co-op. Why? Because we appreciate our local community of vendors, farms and chefs - and they appreciate us back. 

We are all working together to bring to our community - you and your family - the best, most nutritious, and healthy foods possible at a reasonable price.

And, whether local or not, we're very proud that the food we offer supports a wide range of cultures, styles, and traditions. Our mission statement includes respect for humanity and the earth - something we take very seriously at Honest Weight.

So when you're hungry for a new gourmet taste - or just want to talk about good food and maybe the wine that goes with it - come on in. We would love chat and sample some great food with you.

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Come read all about Linda Donegan, our Cheese & Specialty Food Manager. 
She loves to talk cheese and share delicious samples!

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