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Cheese of the Month

Each month, our cheesemongers pick a different favorite local or international cheese to highlight and offer at a sale price for the entire month. Throughout the month, we offer the chosen cheese for sampling in our Cheese & Specialty department. Whenever possible, we bring in cheesemakers or experts for a "Meet the Maker" event and provide recipes or serving suggestions for using the Cheese of the Month!
 Old Croc Cheddar Cheese of the Month

JUNE: Old Croc Extra Sharp White Cheddar

Origin: Australia

Milk: Pasteurized Cow's

Tasting notes: sharp, bold

Use for: snacking with fruit and crackers

Pair with: tangy Granny Smith apple slices, dark, multigrain crackers, a dark, spicy Shiraz or robust Brown Ale.

Savings: $2/lb (sale price $8.29/lb, regular price $10.29/Lb

A truly bold adventure from the "Land Down Under", Old Croc Extra Sharp White Cheddar is aged 18 + months for a full, rich, robust flavor, not for the faint of heart. It's firm and crumbly with a fine granular texture—the true sign of an authentic, mature cheddar.

All Natural, Non-GMO, No Hormones Added
Crafted with Milk from Grass Fed Cows