Honest Weight relies on our Member-Owners to help run our store in a variety of ways. Here is a list of current needs, sorted by department. Please keep in mind your discount status when inquiring about assignments.


These are one-time, task-specific projects. Currently, we have no projects requiring assistance.


These are ongoing needs, listed by department.


  • Weekly stockers who can do heavy lifting

  • Monthly members for deep cleaning of Bulk, early morning or late evening hours, any day of the week. This will require some heavy lifting, and a self-directed member would be a good fit for this task

  • Contact Tom G. at tom-AT-honestweight.coop, or 518.482.2667 x 130 to sign up to work in Bulk


  • Weekly members with knowledge of department’s products and a passion for fine foods

  • Tasks include cleaning, cutting and wrapping, shelf maintenance, off-site event support, etc

  • Open shifts: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 to 9:00pm, Friday 1 to 4pm and 6 to 9pm, Saturday 10 to 1pm and 1 to 4pm, Sunday 10am to 1pm, Sunday 1 to 4pm

  • Contact Jonathan M. at jonathanm-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 254

Front End

  • Monthly  Courtesy Clerks to bag customer groceries and assist customers at the register; sign up for shifts at the Service Desk

  • Weekly Cashiers available on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday at various times and to substitute for cancellations

  • Contact Katie C. at katie-AT-honestweight.coop or Yevette at yevetteb-AT-honestweight.coop

Food Service

  • Weekly members with food experience Sundays, 8:30 to 11:30am, in bakery Friday or Saturday, 6 - 9am

  • Weekly members for front of house to package salads and food, all times open

  • Monthly members for cleaning and organizing
  • Contact Dan H. at danh-AT-honestweight.coop


  • Monthly and weekly members to help with stocking, conditioning, auditing and cleaning, clerical

  • Stocker on Thursday and Saturday mornings, as early as 6am, conditioners Wednesday through Saturday in the afternoon, closers on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and sign auditors on a flexible basis

  • Ask the Service Desk to page Grocery to speak with them about scheduling a shift; for clerical, Georgia S. at Georgia.sullivan-AT-honestweight.coop


  • Weekly members to help in the cold room which requires wearing a hat/hair covering; bagging, cleaning and providing customer service

  • Monthly members to clean

  • Contact Nick B. at nick-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 257


  • Monthly and weekly help with stocking, prep work, and cleaning

  • Shifts are available throughout the week at varied times; call or email for an updated listing and/or to schedule your first shift

  • Contact Brendan K. at brendan.kelly-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 253


  • Monthly members excited about the rigorous and rewarding work of Community Outreach, with open availability (especially weekdays), who are skilled at engaging large groups of children and adults alike

  • Contact Amy E. at amy-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 128


  • Monthly instructors to teach classes at the Co-op which are related to our mission (such as health and wellness, alternative diets, ecological sustainability, etc.).

  • Contact Education Coordinator, Georgia J., at georgiaj-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 219 if you have special interests, skills or knowledge that you would like to share with our community


  • Monthly and weekly members to help on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday days, and any night to close the store; tasks include cleaning bathrooms, dust-mopping floors, and taking garbage to the dumpsters

  • Monthly and weekly members to help with floor care in the evenings, starting at 10pm.

  • Contact John D. at john.daubney-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 103

  • Monthly and weekly Parking Lot Attendants to help shoppers navigate the parking lot, unload groceries, and return their shopping carts, especially on the weekends and during our busy holiday season.

  • Contact Janet S. at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 104

Maintenance and Grounds Support

  • Monthly and weekly members in early morning and late evening for numerous tasks. Must be proficient with power and hand tools, ladders, paint, etc. Computer and mechanical literacy desired. Ability to lift 50+ lbs. Contact Brian P. at brian-AT-honestweight.coop

  • Monthly and weekly help gardening (planting and weeding), April to October. Contact Janet S. at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 104

Co-op Voice Newsletter

  • Monthly or weekly member to generate and coordinate advertising for the new online member newsletter; help as a web contant manager (training available); billing, receiving and tracking payments

  • Contact Janet S. at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 104

Shoppers’ Helpers

  • Monthly and weekly members to assist customers, back-up Courtesy Clerks, and general help as needed. Must be out-going!

  • Shoppers Helpers are needed throughout the week at various times, especially on Saturday and Sundays

  • Contact Janet S. at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 104

Member Services

  • Monthly or weekly members daily from 4-7pm or 7-10pm, and possibly more times, to greet entering shoppers and to assist them in our new product area at the front entrance where the carts have been kept
  • Monthly members for tabling. Must be friendly and outgoing. Current focus: encouraging members to sign consent to shift all communication to email
  • Monthly or weekly members for data entry
  • Monthly or weekly members to scan and shred documents.
  • Contact Janet S. at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop or 518.482.2667 x 104


If you have questions about any of these member-owner opportunities, or any of the information on this page, please contact Janet at memberservices-AT-honestweight.coop.