Member-Owner Opportunities

Honest Weight relies on our Member-Owners to help run our store in a variety of ways. Here is a list of current needs, sorted by department. Please keep in mind your discount status when inquiring about assignments.


These are one-time, task-specific projects. Currently, we have no projects requiring assistance.


These are ongoing needs, listed by department.


  • Weekly stockers who can do heavy lifting
  • Weekly herb stockers, Tuesday and Saturday evenings; some related clerical duties
  • Monthly member-owners for deep cleaning of Bulk, early morning or late evening hours, any day of the week. This will require some heavy lifting, and a self-directed member would be a good fit for this task
  • Please contact Tom G. at, or 518.482.2667 x 130 to sign up


  • Weekly member-owners with knowledge of department’s products and a passion for fine foods
  • Tasks include cleaning, cutting and wrapping, shelf maintenance, off-site event support, etc
  • Openings: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 6 to 9:00pm, Friday 1 to 4pm and 6 to 9pm, Saturday 10 to 1pm and 1 to 4pm, Sunday 10am to 1pm, Sunday 1 to 4pm
  • Contact Linda D. at or 518.482.2667 x 254

Food Service

  • Weekly member-owners with food experience, Sundays, 8:30 to 11:30am, in bakery Friday, Saturday and Tuesdays, 6 – 9am
  • Weekly member-owners for front of house to package salads and food, all times open
  • Monthly member-owners for cleaning and organizing
  • Contact Dan H. at

Front End

  • Monthly or weekly  Courtesy Clerks to bag customer groceries and assist customers at the register; sign up for a time slot at the Service Desk
  • Weekly Cashiers needed on all days, especially Friday evenings, Saturday and Sunday
  • Current or Past Cashiers to be on substitute list for cancellations
  • For more information, contact Katie at or Yevette at

Governance Review Council (GRC)

  • Weekly Member The GRC is seeking a Secretary to assist with providing services to the HWFC member-ship: take minutes at all GRC Meetings (monthly, usually the 2nd Tuesday evening), organize GRC opinions, assist in preparing agendas and reports.
  • If you are interested, contact If you have questions, call current GRC chair Sandy MacKay at 518-234-2817


  • Monthly and weekly help with stocking, conditioning, auditing and cleaning, clerical
  • Stocker on Thursday and Saturday mornings, as early as 6am, conditioners Wednesday through Saturday in the afternoon, closers on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and sign auditors on a flexible basis
  • Ask the Service Desk to page Grocery to speak with them
  • For clerical, contact Georgia S. at


  • Weekly member-owners to help in the cold room which requires wearing a hat/hair covering; bagging, cleaning and providing customer service, 6  ΜΆΜΆ  9pm, Tuesday - Sunday
  • Monthly member-owners to clean
  • Contact Nick B. at or 518.482.2667 x 257


  • Monthly and weekly help with stocking, prep, and cleaning
  • Throughout the week at varied times; call or email for an updated listing and/or to schedule
  • Contact Brendan K. at, or 518.482.2667 x 253


  • Weekly Donations Coordinator, commitment ranges from 3 to 10 hours per week
  • Monthly or weekly member-owners excited about rigorous and rewarding Community Outreach, with open availability (especially weekdays), who are skilled at engaging large groups of children and adults
  • Contact Amy E. at or 518.482.2667 x 128


  • Monthly instructors to teach classes at the Co-op which are related to our mission (such as health and wellness, alternative diets, ecological sustainability, etc.)
  • Monthly and weekly help in a variety of ways with the Coop Scoop
  • Contact Education Coordinator, Georgia J., at or 518.482.2667 x 219 if you have special interests, skills or knowledge that you would like to share with our community


  • Weekly help for Café Maintenance at mealtimes: clear and wipe tables, maintain cutlery and other supplies, spot sweep and wipe floors, bring bus trays to the kitchen
  • Monthly and weekly help Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday days, and any night to close the store; tasks include cleaning bathrooms, dust-mopping floors, and taking garbage to the dumpsters; or help with floor care in the evenings, starting at 10pm.
  • Contact John D. at or 518.482.2667 x 103

Maintenance and Grounds Support

  • Monthly and weekly member-owners in early morning and late evening for numerous tasks. Proficiency with power/hand tools, ladders, paint, etc. Computer and mechanical literacy desired. Ability to lift 50+ lbs
  • Contact Brian P. at
  • Monthly and weekly help gardening (planting and weeding), April to October. Contact Janet S. at or 518.482.2667 x 104

Co-op Voice Newsletter

  • Monthly or weekly  Advertising coordination and billing, receiving and tracking payments for the new online member newsletter.
  • Contact Janet S. at or 518.482.2667 x 104

Shoppers’ Helpers/Parking Attendants

  • Monthly and weekly member-owners to assist customers, back-up Courtesy Clerks, and help wherever needed. Must be out-going!
  • Shoppers Helpers are needed throughout the week at various times
  • Monthly and weekly Parking Lot Attendants to help shoppers navigate the parking lot, unload groceries, and return their shopping carts, especially on the weekends and during our busy holiday season.
  • Please contact Janet S. at or 518.482.2667 x 104

Member Services

  • Monthly member-owners for tabling. Must be friendly and outgoing. Current project: encouraging member-owners to sign consent to change all communication to email
  • Monthly and/or weekly member-owners for occasional data entry.
  • Contact Janet S. at or 518.482.2667 x 104




If you have questions about any of the information on this page, please contact Janet Sorell at