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Eating Good on the Cheap

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Eating Good on the Cheap – Smart Ways to Stretch Your Dollars!

As we begin the new year, some of us are re-evaluating aspects of our lives that 2020 brought to the forefront. Food, finances, and family have become a central focus for many. How can we feed our families healthy, nutritious meals on a budget while food prices continue to rise and people are struggling to make ends meet?

Shopping at Honest Weight probably isn’t the first answer that comes to mind.. Let’s just lay it out on the table — we’re often  perceived as a high-end natural food store for people with money. And while we do have many hand-crafted, small batch specialty items with higher-price points, with a little planning, the Co-op is one of the best places around to stretch your food dollars.

Are you surprised? We figured you might be… so let us explain.

Shopping the bulk department

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/news-blog/bulk_blog_image.jpgWe started out as a bulk buying club way back in 1976, and today, we have the largest Bulk Department on the entire East Coast! Budget-conscious shoppers know that bulk is the way to go. You can find beans, nuts, grains, flours, spices, dried fruits, and much more for less than prepackaged food on the shelves. Bring your own containers to save money and packaging — and buy only what you need, which helps prevent food waste and keep costs down. There are always sales on pantry staples like nuts, beans, coffee, and grains. Bulk doesn’t always mean large, either! You can buy as much or as little as you need,giving you the opportunity to be adventurous and try something new without having to purchase a large quantity that might go to waste.

Look for the purple tags — Co+op Basics

We’ve collaborated with hundreds of other food co-ops across the country to combine our purchasing power. We’re stronger together, and through bulk negotiations and national purchasing agreements, we’ve worked out stellar everyday low prices on many popular grocery and household items.

We call it Co+op Basics. When you look for the purple tags on the shelves, you’ll find everything from prepackaged grocery staples to meats, cheeses, snacks, body care, eco-friendly cleaning products, and more!You’ll find some of your favorite brands at remarkably low prices, like Luna & Cliff Bars, Organic Valley, Field Day, and so much more! You could do an entire shop just within the Basics line and keep your family well fed and happy!Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/news-blog/coopbasics_blog_image.jpg

Make a list and shop the sales!

It’s easy to get distracted in our aisles (trust us, we know!). To keep yourself on track with spending, take some time to prepare a shopping list before you come. 

Our co-op buyers spend much of their time meeting with farmers, buyers, makers, producers, and distributors, on the national and local levels. When we work out de

als, we pass the savings along to you! These awesome deals are featured in a number of ways:

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  1. We have two rotating sales flyers, Great Deals and Fresh Deals. Both are always available on our website and on paper in-store. Take some time to review the sales and you’ll find deals ranging from 10% all the way up to 50% or more in savings! 
  2. You’ll find tear-off coupons on shelves throughout the store for additional savings on some of your favorite products. These coupons are usually provided by larger regional or national brands.
  3. Our favorite sale is the Manager’s Special. You’ve noticed them, and they’re often hand-written. These occur when we’ve gotten an awesome last-minute deal, too hot even for the sales flyers! Or, if we’ve made a mistake and ordered too much of something… oops! When you see a Manager’s Special tag, you’ll want to stock up.

Unlike some co-ops, we ARE open to the public and everyone is welcome to shop at Honest Weight. But, if you choose to become a co-op owner, you will qualify for discounts on all of your purchases and you can combine those discounts with our sales and product coupons to save even more!

All owners get 2% off purchases, plus an additional 5% off a large selection of local items! If you decide to invest some of your time as a member-owner with us, you can earn a great discount, up to 24% off ALL of your purchases. That’s a huge savings that really adds up! (Note: A co-op share is a one-time $100 investment that can be paid in full or in small increments over five years).

So, stay tuned! We’re going to be sharing lots of great ideas on how to Eat Good on the Cheap — from helpful tips and hints, to exploring budget-friendly recipes and healthy alternatives to your favorite comfort foods. Honest Weight is here to help you stretch your food dollars and keep your family happy and healthy!



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