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Scoop News: We're Saving Paper!

By Rebecca Angel

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Holding the print version of the Coop Scoop is a wonderful experience, from the feel of the textured paper to the vivid colors inked onto the page. We love it. We also love trees. For this reason, the Coop Scoop team is constantly looking for ways to be a sustainable publication.

First, the Coop Scoop is printed on recycled paper at a local printer. To further live up to our environmental standards, we are moving to every other month for the print version, starting now! This literally cuts our paper and ink consumption in half. You will notice we have put out a September/October issue that will be on the stands for both months. 

We encourage anyone reading the Coop Scoop to pass it on to a friend instead of tossing it in the recycling bin. Or read it at the cafe and leave it for the next lucky reader. Or read the online version and skip the paper one altogether. 

Why Read the Online Version Instead? 

Our digital edition of each Coop Scoop issue has a list of references and resources. What this means is full transparency as to where our contributors are getting their information. This also allows our readers to further investigate a topic they read about in our magazine. 

For example, in the September/October: Taking Stock issue, our digital version has more information to understand the Co-op’s Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit) as well as extensive resources for our feature article on the importance of seeds: “Healing our Communities: Celebrating, Saving, and Rematriating Seeds.” Not only can readers dive in further for this important and fascinating topic, but there is a full-page, exclusive Seed Keeping chart!

You can easily find the digital version right on the Coop Scoop section of the Honest Weight website.

What About the Blog?

Even though we are only publishing our print edition every other month, we will have the same amount of content for you. Our new Coop Scoop Blog will be filled with weekly news, recipes, articles, and features that will keep you informed and inspired. 

This is an exciting time for us at the Coop Scoop because we want to bring you everything while still holding on to our integrity as stewards of the Earth we all share. We are constantly trying to balance the needs of a quality magazine with our passion for sustainability. It is possible. As highlighted in our Co-op 101 this month by Lucia Hulsether, “The power to guide future directions, to change course when needed, and to do the right thing is in our hands.” With every issue of the Coop Scoop, you can feel how good it is to do the right thing.

How Do You Save on Paper?

Send in your tips, advice, and personal ways for saving paper in your business or household. We may publish and share your answer in a future Coop Scoop! Send your reply to

Rebecca Angel has been a part of Honest Weight for twenty years and is Managing Editor of the Coop Scoop. When not at the co-op, Rebecca is a teacher, musician, and writer, currently working on a memoir about her experience with Cushing’s Syndrome.

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