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Self-Checkout Lanes

Management and board approved, Honest Weight Food Co-op is excited to announce that we will be adding four self-checkout lanes starting this Spring 2024! These self-checkout lanes will be replacing our 10 items or less express registers and one traditional lane. We expect this change to have a significant positive impact on lines and wait times at our store.

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The installation of four new self-checkout lanes will require some disruption in our store. Starting the week of February 19, you will notice that the express lanes area will be cordoned off for construction. We expect this first step of install work to take about one week to complete.

We are so pleased to be able to provide Honest Weight customers with more options for checking out!

Self-Checkout Frequently Asked Questions:

When will self-checkout be available at Honest Weight?

Self-checkout lanes will open in March of 2024. (As the date gets closer, we will share more information.)

What impact will self-checkout have on Honest Weight’s staffing?

Honest Weight will continue to staff our traditional lanes at the same capacity. We will also assign a Shopper’s Assistant to assist customers at the self-checkout. 

What payment types can be used at self-checkout lanes?

Our self-checkout lanes will take electronic payments only. Our kiosks will not take cash, checks, or Double Up Food Bucks. 

Will I be able to get Snap benefits, EBT and other Member discounts at self-checkout lanes?

You will be asked to enter your Member number to access your Membership. All other benefits/discounts will not be accepted in the beginning stages.

Can I buy alcohol at self-checkout kiosks?

Yes. You will be asked to show your ID to purchase alcohol at the end of your transaction.

What happens if I start using self-checkout and need assistance?

A Shopper’s Assistant will always be on hand to assist with self-checkout.