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Elections & Nominations Committee

 At the January 28, 2018 General Membership Meeting

Election to fill open seats on the Governance Review Council

Nominations Open: January 5, 2018

Nominations Close: January 21, 2018 at 5:00pm

Nominations will be taken from the floor of the Membership Meeting

Nomination Forms are available at the front desk or here and should be submitted to the front desk or to 


Governance Review Council Election
Information Session
Sunday January 21, 2018
3:15 to 5:15pm
In the Community Room

Learn about the vital role of the GRC in the Coop’s governance from Chris Gockley, current GRC member

Hear about the recommended qualities of a GRC member

An opportunity for declared candidates to introduce themselves and answer questions


The GRC promotes good governance by encouraging democratic, cooperative processes and structures to facilitate fair and open decision making at all levels of HWFC.

The GRC meets monthly to review Board policies and procedures and actions of the Board, to make recommendations to the Board regarding HWFC policies and procedures, to consider alleged violations of HWFC Bylaws by the Board, Management, the Bylaws Panel or Membership and to determine what issues related to the GRC's duties and responsibilities should be brought to the attention of the Board and/or of the entire membership.  In addition, the GRC assists the Board Secretary in maintaining a current record of the Bylaws and of official HWFC policies.

Candidates must have a strong interest in governance issues and be familiar with HWFC Bylaws.


All members-owners are eligible to run for a seat on the GRC.

Interested member-owners should contact the GRC at: or the Elections and Nominations Committee at: if they would like more information.


The GRC has provided critical advice about how HWFC’s bylaws should inform decisions that are made at all levels of governance. Some examples of the importance of the GRC are:

  • In July 2015 the GRC was called on by one of its members to determine if the Board had violated the bylaws when it froze the ability of new Member-Owners to be eligible for a 24% discount. After careful discussion of all the relevant bylaws the GRC rendered the opinion that the BOD had acted within its authority and had not violated the bylaws. 
  • In the fall of 2015 the GRC concluded that the then Board had violated the bylaws when they voted on October 20, 2015 to “end member labor on the floor and in administration by January 1, 2016”. In response to the GRC’s conclusion, the Board rescinded that decision.
  • During the Member-Owner Petitioning that led to the November 30, 2015 Special Membership Meeting the GRC asked for changes to the petitions to ensure that the process complied with the bylaws.
  • In the spring of 2017 the GRC advised the Board that a petition to revise the bylaws should not be accepted because of a defect in the proposed bylaws. Based on this decision, the Member-Owners bringing the petition revised the language to correct the defect.


Information about declared candidates, received by the close of Nominations, will be posted to this page as Nominations Forms are received.


January 28, 2018 – VOTE on changes to our Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws and

Member-Owner Manual.

Details are in the Membership Meeting Notice that will be mailed or emailed to Member-Owners eligible to vote on January 8, 2018.


April 29, 2018 – VOTE for the Board of Directors.  Seven seats will be open. Are you considering running for the board?  Then attend Board Meetings at 6:00 pm on the first Tuesday of the month in the Community Room and talk to a Board Member or a member of the Elections and Nomination Committee about the skills required.  The Application Packet will be available on this page as soon as Nominations open.


For an overview of the Election process please see:

Honest Weight Nominating & Voting Manual


Please see instructions to view PDFs on this page.

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Instructions to view PDFs

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