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Celebrate Earth Month

Little boy with earth balloon and the words  

Earth Month at the Co-op is kind of a big deal. Making decisions with consideration for environmental impact is part of our mission and we work every day to satisfy a triple bottom line of People, Planet, Profit. 

We had plans, as we do every April, for education and celebration: e-waste recycling, zero-waste cooking classes, soil testing, bicycle workshops, planting activities for kids—you get the idea. Our plans, along with everyone else's on the planet, have changed.

Still, we can celebrate this beautiful, upside down world and work to build lasting habits that will keep her, and us, safer and healthier for years to come. 

For now, we ask that your shopping trips are seldom, that you maintain a safe distance from staff and other shoppers, that you wear a cloth face covering, and, if you're feeling unwell, that you please stay home.

We're here for you, and we're right here with you. Let’s all be here for her.

A better world is possible, 

Your Homegrown Grocery Store


🌎 5 Earth-Friendly Habits You Can Adopt Right Now 🌏
...and keep up after quarantine ends.

  1. Support Local Farmers. We love local—we work with over 150 farms within 100 miles. You can also support farmers directly by joining a CSA: buy a farm-share in spring, when overhead is at its highest for farmers, and enjoy fresh, local, and organic produce (some include meat and dairy, too!) all season long. For a list of CSAs from our vendors, see below.
  2. Rethink Your Need for New. Next time you find yourself browsing the web for things you didn’t know you wanted, think twice. Use what you have, borrow instead of buying, buy used, and when you do shop, do so with intention: carefully chosen and high quality items last longer, and you’re less likely to get sick of them before their time. Your local Buy Nothing group is a great resource ( for a hyper-local gift economy. 
  3. If It’s Broke, Fix It. This ties into #2. Rather than tossing something out because it’s worn or broken, see if you can mend, reuse, or otherwise restore it. If not, see if you can rehome it. Disposing should be a last resort.
  4. Eat Less Meat. Challenge yourself to enjoy more meals made up of veggies, grains, fruits, and responsibly-sourced dairy. Start with Meatless Mondays or try going vegan or vegetarian for a week. When you do eat meat, see #1.
  5. Reduce Food Waste. We are living in an unusual time that is providing an opportunity to learn to be creative and resourceful. Utilize the ‘scraps’ (sauté those beet greens, save mirepoix scraps or bones in your freezer for stock later), dress up and eat your leftovers, and buy veggies that store well. Cabbage is your friend, you can always count on carrots, and nothing beats beets! 🥕


Supporting Local Farmers During COVID-19

Support farmers directly by joining a CSA: buy a farm-share in spring, when overhead is at its highest for farmers, and enjoy fresh, local, and organic produce (some include meat and dairy, too!) all season long.

Denison Farm, Schaghticoke, NY
Vegetable Share: June through November (22 weeks)
Egg Share: June through November (22 weeks)
Fruit Share: July through mid-October (12 weeks)
Denison Farm is USDA Certified Organic and provides produce to 500 families in the Capital District a weekly share of fresh vegetables, herbs, melons and strawberries over the course of 22 weeks through their CSA. Lots of pick-up locations throughout the region. Learn more and sign up here.

Fox Creek Farm, Schoharie, NY
Vegetable CSA - June to October, 22 weeks
In light of the COVID-19 crisis, Fox Creek Farm will make HOME DELIVERIES of all CSA shares during the 2020 season. Fox Creek Farm operates in Albany, Delmar, Altamont, Schoharie (Gallupville), Clifton Park, and Schenectady. Learn more and sign up here.

Ironwood Farm, Ghent, NY
Certified Organic vegetable CSA, 20 weeks
Certified Organic vegetable operation with three pick-up locations in Columbia County. Specialty crops include winter greens, shoots, ginger, and turmeric. We operate a 9-acre vegetable farm in Ghent, NY. Learn more and sign up here.

Laughing Earth, Cropseyville, NY
Summer FarmShare runs June through October, approximately 22 weeks
Spring Share runs 5 weeks from May 1 through 29.
Laughing Earth is a conserved farm in the hills of Brunswick, where we grow using organic practices and are becoming Certified Organic. Our Members all pick up on the farm, which gives them the opportunity to spend time in our Sharing Garden, where they pick flowers, herbs, and more at their leisure. They also have the option to buy eggs, honey, pork, and chicken from us each week, and can pre-order bulk pork for fall or spring, or a fall turkey. Learn more and sign up here.

Lovin' Mama Farm, Amsterdam, NY
Certified Organic, No-Till Food and Flowers
Three CSA options including NEW! FREE DELIVERY CSA!

Due  to  Coronavirus  closures,  we  are  now  having pop-up markets, drop  points  and  home  delivery. If you are able, we would like to encourage you to pick up at a drop point. This will free up our precious time and resources to continue farm work. Learn more here.

Underground Alchemy, Albany, NY
Locally grown, handcrafted, medicinal herbs
Offering local herb delivery within Albany and Troy for a minimum order of $40
Underground Alchemy is a small scale herbal apothecary in the city of Albany. We handcraft a wide variety of herbal extracts, elixirs, and teas aimed at promoting wellness and supporting self care. Following sustainable and organic methods, over 75 medicinal plants are intensively cultivated with loving care in our perennial gardens. Many others are ethically wildcrafted from nearby fields and forests. We seasonally harvest these botanicals at their most potent times and transform them into restorative and tonic herbal preparations. Email for information about ordering.

Sweet Tree Farm, Carlisle, NY
Grass-fed beef
See for all of our grassfed beef, pork, chicken, and maple syrup products and prices, specials, and to place orders and subscribe to our newsletter. We are currently accepting orders for beef halves and quarters (these will go fast). Updates will also be posted on Instagram @sweet_tree_farm. We will arrange to meet at convenient drop-off locations for all orders. Orders can also be placed at 518 234-7422 and

Two Rock Ranch, Berne, NY
Pasture-raised lamb
Sausage made with 100% lamb... no pork casings.... only lamb! Breakfast Sausage, Hot Italian, Mild Italian, Chorizo all makes a perfect meal! Who cares if you can’t go out to eat ‘cause you can only eat this good at home! We deliver straight to your door! Contact us for all of your lamb needs, sausage, and more! Call 707-364-7547 or send us an email at to get an order started! See our website at

Learn more and find a CSA near you from the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition or the Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market.