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CBD: What It Is, Where You Can Find It, & Why You Should Try It!

CBD, a non-psychoactive hemp derivative, is sweeping the nation. So why do people love it?

To begin with, CBD is known to aid in stress, anxiety, nausea, and other ailments. People are also using it to naturally treat chronic pain, sleep deprivation and a variety of other ailments, including extreme conditions such as Epilepsy and Alzheimer's. CBD interacts with our naturally occurring systems and doesn’t cause a high, making it a safer, less controversial wellness alternative, while still offering significant health benefits.

There are over 113 compounds in the Cannabis sativa plant called cannabinoids--of those, CBD and THC are found in the highest concentrations. Over thousands of years, farmers have bred  Cannabis sativa into two different strains. The hemp plant contains low amounts of THC (the source of the psychotropic effects of marijuana) and high amounts of CBD. It’s historically more popular sister is the cannabis plant, which has been bred over the years to have high levels of THC.

According to Alex Mytelka, Honest Weight’s Center Store Manager, the biggest question he hears from shoppers about our CBD products is: ‘Will it get me high?’ All CBD products sold at Honest Weight are third party tested and must contain under 0.05% THC. Green Mountain, for instance, has a CBD to THC ratio of 24.8:1.

 Quick Facts

  • CBD comes from hemp and will not get you high!

  • Many find it to have calming qualities that alleviate anxiety and aid in sleep

  • It’s antioxidant properties are on par or greater than vitamins A, C, and E

  • It’s antiinflammatory and nutritious, containing fatty acids & vitamin E

  • It can be useful for treatment of acne, asthma, addiction, epilepsy, insomnia, mood, metabolism, inflammation, and pain

  • CBD is legal federally and in NYS

Try this at Honest Weight!

CDB Juice & Java Add-on

Add a 6 MG Serving of CBD Oil to any coffee, smoothie, or juice beverage for a calming infusion of antioxidants! We're just not able to add it to wheatgrass or ginger shots.

Green Mountain CBD

Green Mountain CBD is made from the organic, Vermont-grown hemp extracted with organic extra virgin coconut oil. According to the company, “Our simple extraction process maintains the purity and quality of our CBD oil, capturing the essence of our hemp plants. You will see and smell the difference the moment you open a container of our products.” The Wellness Department at the Co-op offers Green Mountain CBD in vegetarian capsules, edible salve, and liquid extracts. Wellness Department Manager, Alex, loves to add a serving of Green Mountain’s edible CBD Salve to his morning coffee or tea. It balances out the caffeine buzz and provides a calming focus with an awesome earthy taste.

Nutty Steph’s CBD Chocolate Bars & Hearts

Nutty Steph's, based in Middlesex, Vermont, produces small-batch chocolate and granola products using the best possible ingredients:  local cream and butter, pure maple syrup, fresh goat's milk caramel, fresh-to-order dry rolled oats, and wild grown Ecuadorian chocolate.

We’re excited to offer their line of CBD products, made with 70% dark chocolate infused with local, Vermont-grown hemp from Elmore Mountain Therapeutics. Aside from being a small, local, woman-owned business, Nutty Steph's uses their business as a platform to advocate for workers’ rights across Vermont and the U.S., working for guaranteed sick leave, family leave, workplace inclusion and living wages to all who labor. 

Buddha Teas CBD Tea

These tea bags come in classic flavors--Turmeric Ginger, Matcha Green, Chamomile, Mint--but also contain 5mg each of water-soluble CBD. Legal federally and in NYS, CBD is known to aid in stress, anxiety, nausea, and other ailments. Try a calming cup of healing tea! 

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“The number of customers we’ve had asking about CBD this past year is tremendous. People are coming in with a variety of issues, hoping CBD can help in some way. From anxiety, inflammation, and restlessness, to epilepsy, Parkinson’s, and depression – customers read about CBD helping with these things online, come into the Co-op, and are typically surprised to see that we have such a great selection. Then, they keep coming back. We’ve had more and more customers tell us that their physicians or therapists have sent them in for CBD. It’s great to see traditional healthcare practitioners stepping outside of their comfort zones and pointing their patients toward alternative methods.”

-Alex Mytelka, Wellness Department Manager

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