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Movie Night at HWFC: We’re All Plastic People Now

By Tracy Frisch

Variety magazine called We Are All Plastic People Now  “an essential documentary about how plastic is literally invading all of us.” The reviewer suggests “Attack of the Killer Polymers" as an alternative title for this outstanding film. 

The documentary presents a sobering, fact-based picture of what the plastics that we use in every facet of our lives are doing to us.

Like me, you may have grown up believing that plastic is an inert material, but that is far from the truth. With the help of excellent cinematography and interviews with numerous cutting edge scientists, this new hour-long documentary dispels such false assumptions and illuminates how plastics are harming our bodies and future generations.

Plastics and the additives that give it desirable properties like flexibility disrupt our hormone systems. They are an important factor in our plummeting sperm counts and female infertility. These chemicals also affect the developing fetus. 

The film also presents the emerging science on micro plastics (and even smaller nano plastics). These tiny particles have been found in the human placenta, the heart, and even the brain. 

Following our showing of this 57-minute film, Tracy Frisch and Christi Wright of Honest Weight’s Environment Committee will lead an open discussion. We’ll welcome your ideas on how to reduce our use of plastic — whether at home, at work, at school, or when we shop. We’ll also talk about how our Co-op could minimize its reliance on plastic and what strategies we might consider to bring about that goal. 

Please join us for a viewing and discussion of We Are All Plastic People Now at Honest Weight Food Co-op on June 24 at 7 pm!

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