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From the Archives: Pronunciation Debate

By Natalie Criscione

As the early members of Honest Weight defined their organization and shaped the focus and direction of their new “Coop Scoop” newsletter, there arose a pronunciation “problem” which seems today as uncomplicated as a tomato vs tomahto debate, but was clearly causing some concern among members at the time.  So, in case one wonders when to say “coop” and when to say “co-op,” here is the answer: 

Here’s some help for those of you struggling with the peculiarities of the spelling rules of English.  When saying, “Coop Scoop,” the word “coop” rhymes with “scoop.” When talking about the “Coop” as an organization, though, we all know it’s pronounced “Co-op.”  The newsletter management, with the interests of journalistic excellence in mind, has opted for total consistency by using only one spelling: “Coop.” We hope this clears up some pronunciation problems we’ve been observing. -Coop Scoop, April 1978-

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